Many increasing in 36 states among which

Many illnesses
begin with “flu-like” symptoms like fever, tiredness, and dry cough; however,
it can be difficult to tell what causes a person’s sickness. A person can
spread the influenza virus beginning from a day before having symptoms and up
to 7 days after getting sick. In the early stages of this year, the disease of
influenza has been found in European states due of the cold weather the flu
activity is increasing in 36 states among which 21 states, claim the disease is
widely spread day by day.In some states, death is also occurring due to extreme
influenza such as:


Ø  In Arizona:  A mother who
has a child of about 20 years old died the next day after being diagnosed.

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Ø  In California: 10 people of age 65 years have died.

Ø  In North Caroline: 12 people died.

Ø  In South Carolina: At least 7 people have died at age 65 and
some of them are older than 65.

The flu shot
can prevent illness caused by influenza but cannot prevent illness caused by
other diseases, like a stomach bug or cold. Influenza symptoms like a sore throat,
cough, fever, body pains and aches, fatigue, runny and stuffy nose, cold, and
discomfort are recovered in fewer days but these diseases are very dangerous to
young, kids, old, and pregnant women and especially for people with having a respiratory
problem.You need to take care in this cold weather against influenza disease
and below, you would find some home remedies for fighting against influenza and
get rid of this disease in less time.


Ø  Drink plenty of
fluids to flush out your system and avoid dehydration.

Ø  Cover your
mouth/nose with a tissue when you cough/sneeze. If you don’t have a tissue, use
your upper sleeves, not your hand, this act will keep safe your other family
member as influenza disease is spreading if you not cover your mouth and nose
while sneezing.

Ø  Many influenza
symptoms can be treated with acetaminophen or ibuprofen, but not aspirin.

Ø  Wash your hand
often with soap and warm water for 20 seconds.

Ø  Humidifiers can
also be used to make it easier for children and adults to breathe.

Ø  Staying home
avoids infection by limiting your contact with friends and coworkers.

Ø  Adults can use
medicines, cough drops or hard candies to help with a dry cough.

Ø  Use caution
around young children. Senior citizens, pregnant women and those with weak
immune systems, who may be more at risk for complications.

Ø  Warm soup is a
delicious way to get more fluids and soothe chills. Call your doctor if your
symptoms persist.

Ø  Prevention is in your hands: proper hand
hygiene will help to prevent the spread of the flu, keep
your hands away from your eyes, nose, and mouth, reminding family members and
friends to keep their hands clean as well.

Although, always have it in mind
that your best protection against influenza is a yearly flu shot as it has a
very high degree of decreasing the risk of having influenza.