Managers and performance, be energetic and dedicated

Managers unequivocally agree that this century demands more efficiency
and productivity than any other times in history. Businesses are striving to
increase their performance. Managers have been grappling with many challenges
to succeed putting their company ahead of competitors. Employee engagement is
considered crucial for successful management of a productive workforce in
organisations. Firms view employee engagement as a means to improve their
performance and increase competitiveness. From a behavioral perspective,
compared to less engaged workers, engaged employees put in more hours, and work
with greater intensity (higher productivity) and direction (focus on the
organizational priorities) (MacCormick et al., 2012). Engaged employees also
demonstrate signs of higher levels of job satisfaction, commitment and
organisational citizenship behavior (Kelliher et al., 2013). In short,
engagement is considered beneficial, both for organisations and often for
individual employees themselves (Bakker and Demerouti, 2008).


Employers play a major role in engaging their employees in the
organization. It is the responsibility of HR managers to engage and retain
employees of the organization. HR practitioners believe that the engagement
challenge has a lot to do with how employee feels about the organizational work
experience and how he or she is emotionally tuned with the organization.
Emotionally charged employees can improve the bottom line success of the
organization. (Ukesseys, 2017)

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Nowadays, the business environment is global and competitive and simply
satisfied and stable employees are not enough to bring necessary business
results. Satisfied employees may just meet the work demands, but this will not
lead to higher performance (Abraham, 2012). In order to compete effectively,
employers need to go beyond satisfaction – employers must do their best to
inspire their employees to apply their full potential and capabilities to their
work, if they do not, part of the valuable employees’ resources remains
unavailable for the company .(Bakker & Leite, 2010).


Therefore, modern organizations expect their employees to be full of
enthusiasm and show initiative at work, they want them to take responsibility
for their own development, strive for high quality and performance, be
energetic and dedicated to what they do – in other words companies want their
employees be engaged(Bakker & Leite, 2010).