Team and weaknesses. Internal recruitment and selection gives

Team management refers to the tools and processes used to coordinate and organize a group of persons or individuals pursuing a common goal (a team). In order to achieve our goals and objectives, TELUS has set a powerful team to undertake it activities. The team is composed of: Johnson, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), who joined the IT industry and majored on provision of internet for 20 years.

Previously he has held the position of Executive Vice President in Intra-communications Company. He holds a master in Information Technology from University of Lyon and computer Engineering diploma from the Institute of Nord. In the team we have Deputy CEO, Terry, who has 15 years executive working experience and she is in- charge of public relations. She has served in several companies as an executive director.

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We also have Richard who is the Head of Finance. He has a broad experience in the international IT market, enhancing performance in challenging environs as well as start up projects. He holds bachelors in business and Master of Science (audit).

We also have Allen, the Head of IT and Networks and his main role is to ensure quality network connectivity and systems which deliver quality products and services. He has over 10 years experience in this field. Lastly we have Eva and Angela, heads of wholesale and corporate communications respectively. These are the team members in TELUS.

TELUS does both internal and external recruitments. Internal recruitment involves promotion where an individual is given a higher position. For one to fit in the promotion list, we assess a person’s achievements or successes. We also assess one’s strengths and weaknesses.

Internal recruitment and selection gives other workers the morale to work well and hard so as to be promoted. At TELUS we also do external recruitment. At TELUS we do both job analysis and specification. Job analysis helps our recruiting panel to identify the key requirements of a job. Analysis includes job title, the senior person above the employee, those who will be reporting to him and a simple description of roles and duties of the employee within the company.

At TELUS we use job specification for the senior most positions where we highlight some professional, academic and character attributes of a person needed for the post. For a candidate to go through our selection he should meet the requirements sought for, which are skill, qualities and experience. Then interviews are done and suitable candidates are short-listed. After new workers are absorbed, induction or training is done, which can be on the job or off the job basis.

In order to increase the company’s out-puts, TULES has invested heavily on compensation and ownership plans. Compensation and ownership has been our greatest incentive to our employees which has increased their performance and competition. Annually we reward our workers including the senior most people in the company according to their performances’ and the set targets for the year. We also offer competitive salaries to our employees according to their position in the company.

For every exceptional performance, a good basic salary is paid. We also give bonuses and spot performance for every outstanding performance. TELUS spends over $42 million on compensation annually. Members of the Board and the employees are the main shareholders of TELUS shares. 40% owns ‘A’ shares while 60% owns ‘B’ shares. Share compensation is done on long-term basis. Such a move has created sense of ownership amongst the board members and employees.

TELUS Company has an encouraging employee reward and incentive plan. Rewards are awarded to those employees, whose performance has exceeded the goals set and those who put great efforts individually. These rewards include a meeting with CEO which results to automatic promotion, holidays, company assets on offer and online games.

These rewards depend on output or he effort an individual has put. With the plans in place, we have seen increase in productivity and profits from $20 million to $32 million within the first quarter of the financial year 2012. Employee incentives are directed to our sales and customer care team. For every outstanding result we offer holidays or on line games. This has led to increased sales and better services to our customers. .

Communication is the key to success of TELUS. In this company we have set a good style of management and an encouraging approach to communication which has ensured a lasting understanding between employees and supervisors. The channel communicates effectively on what is required of both managers and employees.

We also encourage communication of any problem encountered so that proper solutions can be undertaken. We encourage employees to listen more, ask questions, express and discuss their ideas openly. TELUS has also set a good mechanism of conveying feedbacks and preferred practices which have led to greater success. We have feedback coupons; complain boxes and a website to report any case of irregularity. We also have hotlines for reporting problems.

TELUS being an IT firm has the entire infrastructure needed a factor that led to the success of our deal with West- Jet. TELUS has both hardware and software infrastructure. Hardware used to connect to users and computers are all available. Our company also has an updated media used for transmission which includes; cable television lines, telephone lines, router, antennas, satellites, repeaters and aggregators.

We also have software infrastructure which are used foe sending, receiving and managing the signals transmitted. Such infrastructure is very important in ensuring connectivity in all areas under the service and supports processing of information. These infrastructures help in accessibility and quick data processing.

With our able management team, we’ve been able to collaborate with West-Jet to provide wireless internet services by installing an on-air Wi-Fi facility in its planes which are 220 in total. TELUS will deliver this service appropriately because, our staff members have the skills and the experience required. The workers are also enthusiastic to deliver considering the incentives the company has offered.

Provision of Wi-Fi facility will be our main source of revenue. Effective communication has been done regarding this project. The entire staff is informed of what is required of them. TELUS has the entire infrastructure needed to install the WI-Fi facility and enhance wireless communication in the planes. As a result the company is convinced that the project will be successful.