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Malaysia Airlines Company is under the Malaysia Aviation Group and the Chairman Tan Sri Muhammad Nor Yusof already have established 70th anniversary. In this 70th years, MAS was flying its first commercial flight in 1947 and 1963 was renamed Malaysian Airways because Malaya, Singapore, Sabah and Sarawak were established Malayan Union that the Singapore was withdraw from the Malayan Union were renamed to Malaysia-Singapore Airlines. In 1972, change to Malaysian Airline System (MAS). 2013, MAS success to join the Europe’s One world airline alliance that gradually approach to global navigation. Air Transportation Services is most important department of the company although organization were investment into another three business segments have Ground Services, Aircraft Leasing and Talent Development that can improve the competition of the organization and strengthen the organization position. Malaysia Airlines being crowned ‘The World’s 5-Star Airline’ by Skytrax multiple times and have recognition from the World Travel Awards as ‘Asia’s Leading Airline’.Job description for a finance manager at mas The expected set of responsibilities’ real reason for existing is perceiving the basic capacity of an occupation. The set of working responsibilities is an essential part of the association that can be composed in wide, general terms and those additionally be utilized for the few same positions in various branches of comparable association.Position summaryBack director assume a vital part in an association that prompt the ideal business arranging and aiding for the upper administration and customers in the business choice. Back chief is help the pioneer of association to sensible the business choice that can arrive the objective of the association.Job Duties and ResponsibilityFinance manager should be in charge of the fund and bookkeeping administration of the association. Back supervisor require have the nearby working association with the other open authorities. Learning work in a group and remain composed, trying beyond any doubt the endeavors don’t strife or cover with another division. Fund chief to create viable monetary anticipating an association and gather yearly budgetary spending plan as per association’s yearly general operation plan that manages and assess the diverse division’s usage of the money related spending plan. Back director to give and translate the association’s monetary articulation and investigation sheet for the upper supervisor and CFO. Money related director, another mission is in charge of the cost administration. Monetary director forms the cost estimate, control, bookkeeping, investigation, appraisal of the different business arranging that to limit the cost and enhance the association’s productivity. Budgetary Manager is in charge of association’s expense assertion and pays the assessments; investigate association’s benefits and liabilities. Experience and EducationDespite the fact that the money related chief position is available to the lone ranger graduates with the related subjects or somebody who is as of now had 5-10 years experienced of the financer trough. The accompanying subjects are proper for position of monetary director.Accounting and FinanceBusiness Management International Business Management  EconomicsThe related postgraduate confirmation and particular courses will be useful and valuable, yet not basic. This is on the grounds that the candidate thought those specific courses pick up the particular or expert learning and experience that will enhance the opposition advantage by and by have the expert capability. For example:Association of Chartered Certifies Accountants (ACCA)Master of Business Administration (MBA)Certified Public Accountant (CPA)Skills Monetary supervisor need some essential data innovation aptitude. For instance: Mind Your Own Business (MYOB) and XERO Accounting programming. The Strong relational, correspondence and introduction aptitudes is most imperative for the monetary chief since that can assemble the great associations with every single firm part and potential and existing customers. Money related supervisor’s critical thinking aptitudes and time administration abilities additionally imperative that can make prompt reaction to manage crises for a on strained time. The hazard administration aptitudes can completely exact forecast and estimation of the association’s ventures or assignments that can decrease the hazard speculation and limit the harm of the association. Methods of Recruitment Newspaper advertisementMAS association can be utilizing the famous conventional strategies to enlist the monetary administrator this is the daily paper promotion which can be the territorial and national; regular have the settled number of individuals are perusing the daily paper. Daily paper was firmly associated with individuals’ life and there have the diverse property pages of the general population. For instance: MAS association can to promote the activity notice in the pages of the business form that can pull in the general population of the business. Daily paper has profoundly advantageous for the general population whose can read in anyplace, whenever.Recruitment agenciesMAS association can through enlistment offices to haring the fund administrator. In Malaysia, have many expert’s enlistment offices. For instance, EPS, JAC and Career88. Enlistment offices can enhance the sufficient distinctive faculty data that totals the expert ability for MAS. Enlistment organizations can give the expert’s thoughts and help for the MAS with the position of money related administrator. Enlistment organizations have many levels to the contracting procedure that are including filtering through applications, screening, reference checks and meeting the candidate. The contracting procedure is exceptionally tedious that can lessen the MAS’s employing time and enlistment costs.InterviewMAS association through the enlistment meetings to know every one of the viewpoints for the candidate that including the general population’s identities, conduct, understanding, capacity and quality. Candidate can through meeting to acquire specific information of work and association that can gauge the individual capacity whether the candidate it is suitable the position of back administrator. Meeting are exceptionally successful that additionally can sparing the time and cost.Selection ProcessPreliminary interviewThe initial steps of the representative determination process are preparatory meeting. The candidate be required to compose the work application shape and the candidate are interceding on cell phone or video-conferencing or up close and personal gathering.Review of Shortlisted ApplicantsThe work application shape as a test for the association to dismiss some candidate who are non-conformance with the necessities of the activity. The audit of shortlisted candidates are incorporated the candidate’s name, address and phone. In the following minute, the association will be rundown of the shortlisted candidates continues to the second stage that is utilizing the diverse choice instruments to assist the candidates. Selection TestsThe association have given the fundamental determination tests for candidates that are relying upon the subtle elements of the back director’s position. Those choice tests have a solid association with the real employment execution. The example of the selection tests has:Psychological testsThe association was given the mental tests which can be recognizing and estimating the individual’s psychological qualities that can demonstrates the candidates’ mental slant in the work. The mental tests are including the capacity tests and identity tests.Capacity tests likewise called the skill tests that would predictor be able to of the individual execution at work. For instance: association have the verbal aptitudes trial of the candidate’s talking ability.Identity tests are the candidates’ understanding for certain standard inspiration circumstance that can acquire data about the candidate’s advantages. Application Forms The application shapes have a vital influence for the screening and choosing the candidates who need the script or online application frame Organization can through the application structures to be getting the individual’s data for candidates that can be utilized to pertinent the activity if the candidates have been connected.InterviewsA finished choice process can’t without a meeting since this is an open door for the candidates and associations to correspondence. The two gatherings through correspondence that can be further comprehension of the other and the meeting is personal.  Selection Decision The last stage is choice that the enrolling division, human asset office and upper-manager have the talk about and settle on a choice that who is a definitive decision with the finance manager position.RECOMMENDATION At the questioner’s perspective, the organized meeting is reasonable in light of the fact that each questioner was asked a similar inquiry and the association is anything but difficult to think about the appropriate response of various interviews that can enhance the meeting’s legitimacy and unwavering quality.Those have a great deal of reasons why organized meeting work is superior to anything unstructured meeting this is on account of the topic of the organized meeting is composed by the distinctive activity investigation structures that the interview can set up the inquiry and respond in due order regarding the branch early.At long last, unstructured interview is agreeing the distinctive questioner have the diverse inquiry that will impact the dependability and unwavering quality of the meeting.Structured Interview More ReliableThe structured interview for the vast majority of the part saw as the best practice. The reason has been that here inquiries are set up early and are related to the activity examination and individual assurance to the extent the things candidates will be required to do and add the direction they will be depended upon to show when stood out from that of the unstructured sort of meeting.CONCLUSION For instance, the recruitment agencies Recruitment agencies can provide the professional’s ideas and assistance for the MAS with the position of financial manager that can reduce the MAS’s hiring time and recruitment costs. Those recruitment methods can assistance and help the MAS organization to hire the finance manager. The job description, job specification and selection process plays important roles in recruitment and selection the position of the finance manager. The perfect’s plans and arrangements which can help the MAS organization is more effective to hiring the position of the finance manager. Therefore, MAS organization can be using a lot of the methods recruitment to hire the finance manager.