Major Monongahela during the year 1755 (Top

Major Accomplishments

George Washington is the one who firstly
marked the leadership of the country (Top Inspired, 2014). He was the very
first President of the United States of America (Top Inspired, 2014). One of
the major accomplishments is during his military services, which began in the
French and Indian War in Monongahela during the year 1755 (Top Inspired, 2014).
During the battle in 1755, Washington showed great valor (Top Inspired, 2014).
After returning to Virginia with his army, he was given the new rank of colonel
and he was officially named as the Commander-In-Chief of the Virginia regiment
(Top Inspired, 2014).

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On June 19, 1775, George Washington was
selected to lead the Continental Army in U.S based on the previous military
experience he had (Top Inspired, 2014). Later he was commissioned as the
General and Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army (Top Inspired,
2014).  George Washington became the
first President of the United States of America in 1789 (Top Inspired2014). He
served two times as a president when the re-election came for the second time
in 1793 (Top Inspired, 2014). 

He organized the first United States
Cabinet and the Executive Branch and even signed the Judiciary Act of 1789 and
made it into a law by George Washington, which shows the basic outline of the
federal court system (Top Inspired, 2014). He also plays a major role in
bringing amendments to the US Constitution through the Bill Of Rights in 1789
that contained guarantees of essential rights and liberties (Top Inspired,

Another major achievement of George
Washington is that he signed the Naval Act in 1794 to establish a permanent
standing naval force for the United States of America, which now eventually
became the present-day US Navy (Top Inspired, 2014). At the first Virginia
Convention, George Washington was elected as a Delegate member to the First
Continental Congress from 1774 to 1789 (Top Inspired, 2014).


George Washington is a significant figure
and is referred to as the father of the United States, for the role he played
in the founding of the country (Interexchange, 2018). He served in the American
Revolutionary War as Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army and under his
military and political leadership (Interexchange, 2018). He gained independence
for the United States from Great Britain in 1783 (Interexchange, 2018). His
face is on every U.S. one-dollar bill (Interexchange, 2018). He is best known
for his leadership style, political ideas and revolutionary vision for the
United States of America (Interexchange, 2018). As an honor to him, the
nation’s capital, along with 1 state, 31 counties and 17 cities are named in
Washington (Interexchange, 2018). As a young man, George Washington worked as a
surveyor and then he fought in the French and Indian War during the year 1754
to 1763 (History, 2018). In the year 1787, he was elected as the president of
the convention that wrote the U.S. Constitution (History, 2018). Two years
later, Washington became America’s first president. He again reelected as the president
for the second time (History,2018).

  Leadership Style

George Washington possess Authoritarian
Leadership style because he had a greater influence on the people of United
States (Leadership, 2012). Washington had done a lot of sacrifice for America,
which can be supported by the facts that he served as commander of the Continental
Army without pay and was nearly bankrupt by the time he returned home to Mount
Vernon after serving as the country’s first president (Leadership, 2012). He
valued the people he led rather than thinking of them as means to an end
(Leadership, 2012). His soldiers even knew that he respected and care for them
even on their hardship (Leadership, 2012). He communicated an inspiring vision
and lived it, valued people and gave them a voice to speak (Leadership, 2012).

George Washington was an autocratic leader
because he dictated his army’s activity in a variety of ways (Leadership, 2012).
He was the one who demanded what the army have to do and when and how to do it
(Leadership, 2012). His strength influenced other people in such a way he
commanded his army (Leadership, 2012). He was effective because he won a lot of
battles during his time as a general and commander-in-chief. He also showed
great power over his army (Leadership, 2012).

traits and characteristics

There are six key leadership traits which
include Intelligence, confidence, charisma, determination, sociability, and
integrity. Intelligence includes having good language skills, perceptual
skills, and reasoning ability (Introduction, n.d.). Confidence can be defined
as a trait that has to do with feeling positive about oneself and one’s ability
to succeed (Introduction, n.d.). Charisma refers to a leader’s special magnetic
charm and appeal, and it’s the capacity to do extraordinary things (Introduction,
n.d.). Determination leaders are very focused and attentive to the task (Introduction,
n.d.). Sociability mainly refers to the leader’s capacity to establish a
pleasant social relationship (Introduction, n.d.). Integrity characteristics
leaders will possess the qualities of honesty and trustworthiness (Introduction,

Leadership traits and characteristics of
George Washington can be mainly described because of his physical size and
presence, charisma, energy, multi-faceted experiences, charm, courage,
character, temperament, being a Virginian, wealth, ambition, his reputation as
a stalwart patriot , admiration and affection of the people at all levels of
society (Washington, 2000). The most

important characteristic that leads to the
emergence of the supreme leader is his character (Washington, 2000).

George Washington is a leader with
Integrity. People trusted him because he demonstrated a noble and incorruptible
character as a leader (Washington, 2000). Washington is genius as a leader in
his roles as commander in chief of the Continental Army, president of the
Constitutional Convention and first President of the United States (Washington,
2000).  He

possess charismatic leadership trait too (Washington,
2000). He is able to inculcate in others the ideas, beliefs, and values of the
vision so that they become empowered to move beyond the leaders and their own
expectations (Washington, 2000). During the year 1776 on a
Christmas day, there was a battle at Trenton, many of the soldiers were ready
to give up because their enlistments were up (Resources, 2000). Washington suddenly
appealed to them to step forward as a leader and asked them to stay with him in
this noble cause (Resources, 2000). They were hesitant to stay with him at
first, but after that almost all the soldiers completely stepped forward
because of their trust in him (Resources, 2000). In that moment, he saved the
army and the revolutionary cause (Resources, 2000). This shows that he is a
charismatic leader.


In a nut shell, George Washington possess
authoritarian leadership and he is leader integrity and charisma as the major
leadership traits. For these reasons we can conclude that George Washington is
a great leader.