Ludwig an attic of his parents’ home,

Ludwig Van Beethoven is a well known composer. He was born, supposedly
in an attic of his parents’ home, December 16, 1770 in Bonn. It is believed
that his birthday is on this day in December because he was baptized on the 17th
of December and during era and location kids were usually baptized 24 hours
after their birth. His career in music was spent in Vienna. He was an essential
influence on the Romantic era of music and he is also highly respected.
Beethoven’s work goes from the Classical era into the Romantic era and has made
a mark in every major instrumental genre. Beethoven also struggled with
deafness and a lot of his most important music was made towards the end of his
career. This is actually the time when he truly wasn’t able to hear anything. In
1801, he wrote a letter to his friend Franz Wegeler telling him the real reason
why he hasn’t performed or had any shows in two years is because of this
condition. He felt that because of his profession it was embarrassing to tell other
people. There was a time from 1803 to 1812, known as his heroic period, where
Beethoven wrote the most amount of music. In total he made an opera, seven
piano sonatas, five sets of piano variations, four solo concerti, four
overtures, four trios, two sextets, and seventy-two songs. One of Beethoven’s
most memorable pieces was Symphony Number 3. This piece came a few weeks after
Napoleon declared himself the Emperor of France. Eventually Beethoven was
disappointed in Napoleon and renamed this piece Eroica Symphony. This piece of
art is so different that musicians were not able to figure out how to play it.
he had a total of nine symphonies and the ninth one was complete in 1824. This
is now the most famous of them all because of the choral finale. He had four
vocal soloists and a chorus who song Ode to Joy, which is Friedrich Schiller’s
poem. It was said that this piece was a request of “all humanity”. He passed
away at the early age of 56. His autopsy showed that the cause of death was
post hepatitis cirrhosis of the liver. Cirrhosis is a liver disease where
normal liver cells are gradually replaced by scar tissue. This causes the organ
to shrink, harden, and lose its function. It is also commonly caused by chronic
alcohol abuse. His dad was a heavy drinker and this made his home life an
unhappy place. Beethoven didn’t have the best childhood. His father was an
alcoholic who beat him and his siblings. On a daily basis, he was locked in a
cellar and deprived of sleep to have extra time to practice music. He was
composing music by the age of 12 and was a very remarkable keyboardist. He went
off to school in Vienna but had to come back home once him mom became sick. His
brother frequently spoke about how lucky they were to have Beethoven because
his skills also brought in money. This was very helpful with his father being a
n alcoholic and his mother soon becoming sick.