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Looking Into Cyberbullying Through Social MediaCyberbullyingThe internet – a great source to learn new things, ask questions, discover new people, and ultimately communicate with people around the world. Social Media has changed the way people interact and communicate with one another as people nowadays like to use popular apps such as Instagram or Snapchat. Posting pictures or videos that describe their daily lifestyles and what their about. Allowing people the freedom to speak their minds on a powerful social media platform, for everyone to see and watch through their screens. A platform that has allowed bullying to thrive through the internet for people to post hateful comments or videos to threaten a specific person or social group – this is called cyberbullying. The shift from bullying to cyberbullying changes the game for the people who are being bullied. From the schoolyard to the internet, kids are faced with the same harassment, name – calling, and verbal abuse seen at school. The internet has made it easier for kids to find way of bullying, through social media. ” … (about 21% of teens have been cyberbullied and about 13% admitted to cyberbullying others at some point in their lifetimes),” says Dr. Justin W. Patchin and Sameer Hinduja, both co – directors of the Cyberbullying Research Center. This brings attention towards bullying in schools and the effects it can have on students who are being bullied. Bullies In ActionMass media such as teen movies, talk about the issues of bullying and the effects it can have. Popular movies such as Jerry Weintraub’s, The Karate Kid, and Randy Fullmer’s, Chicken Little, each referencing instances of bullying. Societal differences are a common factor that bullies preferably pick on. This relationship between the bully and the victim are more commonly alike in their problems than with their social life. “Adolescents who were both targets and perpetrators of cyberbullying also reported poorer relationships with their caregivers, and higher levels of victimization and perpetration offline, compared to their peers,” says Dr. Charisse L. Nixon, an associate professor of psychology at Penn State Erie. Cyberbullying affects everyone emotionally and psychologically.Recent studies and experiments have shown otherwise of this internet phenomenon. Kids don’t understand the big picture until it’s too late. In some cases, bullying pushes kids to commit suicide. Nationwide, schools have established a no tolerance laws for bullying. Punishments for cyberbullying can vary depending on which state the act of bullying occurred and the laws that are imposed in that state. How To Stop Cyberbullying Cyberbullying has its limitations on the internet. There are different methods and ways of further preventing cyberbullying. Here are some steps towards making progress:Blocking the bully  There should be options and tools provided on phones and apps that’ll help block incoming messages, posts, or videos surrounding any personal contact with the bully. Ignoring the hate   Not paying attention to the bully’s rude remarks can go a long way. Bullies love attention, but they can’t make those remarks if they get no reaction. Get parents involved  Parents should be aware of their kids social lives and should encourage them to take great precautions with their social media accounts. Evidence matters  Save all comments, pictures, and videos of the bully’s verbal abuse by taking screenshots or pictures of it and saving it into a folder to keep as evidence of the bully’s actions. Report the situation  Contact the owner of the app and report the situation about the bully. If the situation was life – threatening towards the kid that was being bullied, then it is important that the parents also contact the police too. Anti – Bullying Organizations Bullying has become one of the biggest widespread phenomenons. Organizations such as STOMP Out Bullying, have spread awareness about bullying and seeks to put an end to it. “We knew whatever we were going to do had to be positive… if you see a negative post, never ever respond. Block it and delete the person,” says Ross Ellis, the founder of STOMP Out Bullying. Social Media has allowed bullying to flourish into cyberbullying. Societal differences in backgrounds, influence a person to become a perpetrator or victim of cyberbullying. If you need help, there are methods to block out the bullies in a safe and non confrontational way. To further prevent cyberbullying, organizations nationwide like STOMP Out Bullying, have made great progress to spreading awareness about their campaign. (902)