Now will benefit from this as Crystal Palace

Now relating this to a local area, taking for instance Crystal Palace, each time they are shown on Sky sports or terrestrial T.V they get paid a large sum of money to be broadcasted, equalling in helping them out on a financial matter. Advertising company’s through football is an effective way of getting more business both on a local and national scale. Our local side Crystal Palace offer businesses to advertise there company name on a board in the stadium. Both will benefit from this as Crystal Palace make money out of advertising the board and the local company will create more business resulting in a good knock on effect in the area.

Nationally and Internationally Football helps larger business companies like Coca-cola, Budweiser, Gillette, Fuji Film and Philips along with lots more. All these companies were part sponsors of the Football 2006 world cup. As there were millions of viewers world wide they would have excelled on a finance level by selling more of their product. Here are some of the jobs Football can offer on a local base such as a club like Crystal palace. They need Grounds men to maintain a pitch and give it treatment, stewards to keep a look on any un-sociable behaviour, problems between fans, commentators to deliver a match report and talk through the action in the game and lastly catering companies to supply food and drink for fans. Hundreds of people are employed for these jobs and most will go to people living in the area, this will help the economy hugely by making more money and attracting more people.

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Some of the biggest clubs in the world are teams like Chelsea, Real Madrid, Manchester United and Barcelona. Reasons for this are that they are some of the richest clubs in the world and have high profiled players. Chelsea, in 2003 was bought for 140million and at the start of the 2004/2005 season they went on a spending spree of buying some of the world’s best players totalling to over 100million. At the start of the 2006/2007 season they decided to buy more high quality players one of which cost 30million in Andriy Shevchenko. Not only are these players worth millions of pounds but their wages are major high as well. For example John Terry, Arjen Robben, Joe Cole and Ashley Cole are all on a near 100,000 a week, after tax. Michael Ballack earns the most, earning a staggering 130,000 a week. There are 24 players in Chelsea 1st team squad and the lowest paid player is around 15,000 a week.

At Chelsea FC, the management team involves 8 people, this range from the mangers and assistants, first team coaches, goalkeeper coach, fitness coach, reserve team and scout/assistant coach. The highest paid out of these is of course the head manager Jose Mourinho with an annual wage of 5.2million. Chelsea FC in 2003-2004 had a wage bill of 115m and is the highest ever total pay in world football. The previous season they only had to fork out 54.5m this is an increase of 110%.

Each time a player moves from club to club an agent gets 10% of the price in the transfer fee and 10% of his wages, information from a website agents-net-50m-football Showed,’ that the biggest agent acting in football, first cooperation, turns over 8.9m a year.’ This is just from Football. The priciest player in world football to date is Zinedine Zidane with an incredible price tag of 46million when he transferred from Juventus to Real Madrid; his wages come in at an estimated 84,600 a week. However this is not the highest paid player, Frank Lampard had renewed his contract at Chelsea after the 2006 World cup and is now earning �140,000 per week, making him the highest paid player on the planet.

The other sport I will be talking about is Athletics. A major event is going to occur in the year 2012 for this country as London is holding the Olympics. This event is going to attract millions of people world-wide. As result of this, new stadiums are going to need constructing and building; this will require thousands of jobs such as builders, designers, architects, surveyors etc. It will offer jobs to people within the area helping the growth of the economy. As well as new stadiums, new villagers are essential for country teams, commentators, camera crew, event organisers etc, which need to be designed and built, again this will supply thousands more jobs to construction workers and builders. It is also going to help major and local companies who supply bricks, cement, poles, scaffolding and roofing to help construct the building.

In addition to this point it will help the companies produce large profits, excelling their businesses on a whole. Information from a website says ‘The Olympic stadium will host the athletics competition and seat 80,000 people.’ It also talks about how many people the new villagers will provide accommodation for ‘within walking distance the Olympic and Paralympic Villages will provide accommodation for 17,800 athletes and officials.’

After the Olympics have finished these villages will become hosing places with environmentally friendly waste treatment and renewable energy. The site will be made up of 3,600 units and become half of this will be homes which people in the area can rent or buy. The Olympics will have such a big effect on the area of London the site also quotes “We are working towards not only delivery of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2012 but also a legacy for East London for the next 50 years.”

Something which London is well-known for is its transport, as a business this will only get bigger due to the Olympics. Brand new roads and train lines will route to the stadium meaning extra buses, trains and trams will be required. Thousands of people will want to get their conveniently and at different times of the day so transport services will have to run at regular times, then needing a lot more drivers and ticket inspectors.