Load answer is simple.Load-bearing walls are a

Load bearing wall or Not? Does your home feel small, and you are not sure whether you can remove a wall? How would you know which wall to remove?What is the difference between them?Should you try to remove it yourself?The answer is simple.Load-bearing walls are a part of the infrastructure of your home, but non-load-bearing walls there to create the interior plan and shape your home. Do not presume, just because the wall stud appears a little bit lose, or because the joists above the wall are perpetual across the top, it is not “load bearing”. Keep in mind, although the floor above does not fall down after you remove a wall, you may be making an over-spanned floor status which is possibly dangerous!  Don’t sit back and hope they got it right; bring in the New Trent Home Bearing Wall Professionals and have a peace of mind knowing it was done accurately. While wall removal seems like an easy task, a load-bearing wall has a great structural influence on your home. If those load bearing walls are not removed in the right manner, there can be significant consequences to the structural stability of your home, on a long haul. Therefore, the smart thing to do is to call a professional, who is knowledgeable and knows inside out of the building architecture, engineering, and the structures.   New Trend Home can safely and professionally remove the unwanted walls and open up your living space and enjoy your home. (open up floor plans) At New Trent Home, we specialize in removing or eliminating walls that are carrying load or weight from the structures above.how is it done?Well, we carry out an onsite inspection, in order to find out whether your wall is load-bearing or not. Usually, by a simple inspection, we will know and carry out the project accordingly. However, if it’s not certain, will design a partial plan, in order to identify the weight distribution, and recognize the correct place to introduce the beams and posts in your home.If it is ascertained to be load bearing, one of our experts will design a partial plan and identify the necessary beams and posts which we will use to get your Building Permit. Types of projects vary depending upon the number of beams needs and the complications involved in transferring loads from the end of new beams down to the foundations below.We keep our process as simple as possible. After you consult our experts we identify the requirements and give you a detailed quotation without any hidden costs. Prices are precisely determined based on the project specifications given by the client.We have experience. We have more than 10 years’ experience in using Power Beams and other methods to safely and efficiently eliminate undesirable walls.Rest assured, at New Trend Home, your job is done right. We acquire the required permits and also handle all the design and plans for the projects.