Lindsey thousand people per year and I

Lindsey McCormack

Polio response

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16 January

Vaccinations are a very controversial topic where the decision of one
individual not seeking treatment can affect many people’s health.  A
disease such a polio, which spread incredibly easily effected sixty thousand
children and paralyzed thousands, was eradicated in the United States by 1979.
 Finding a treatment was difficult, but after many trial and errors a
successful vaccine was developed.  After reading “Polio Whack-a-Mole,” I
believe that if there is an epidemic engulfing our world that each and every
individual should be treated without question.  Innocent lives were lost
due to the fact that certain people would not get vaccinated and I feel that
should not be acceptable. 

I question “Why would someone refuse to get vaccinated” and even after reading
the article I can’t find an answer that is justifiable.  In the article,
Keren Landsman stated “For some children, it meant just a few painful
months.  For others, it meant staying in those machines for the rest of
their lives.”  For men, women, and children to be infected with polio
was not worth it and could have be prevented by a vaccine.  

Contradicting my opinion, my mom did not allow my three siblings and I to get
the flu shot.  When talking to her she said that the vaccine contained a
dangerous ingredient: mercury.  She stated that even though people get the
flu vaccine some may still get the virus.  It is not ”
foolproof.”  There can be side effects for the vaccine such as low-grade
fever and achiness.  The effectiveness of the vaccine does not work on all
the strains of influenza and is a continuous puzzle that the scientists need to
solve each year. I can see her point of view.  The flu kills an
average of thirty-six thousand people per year and I disagree with her
decision to not vaccinate us.  I feel that not getting vaccinated can harm
myself and those around me.  In the
article Landsman said, “With polio entering the country from countries around
the Middle East, these kids could become carriers, spreading the virus to the
unvaccinated and the immune-compromised alike, without ever getting sick
themselves.”  Taking the chance of not getting vaccinated is not worth the
risk of possibly getting a disease that can threaten           1one’s life and everyone around.  

Overall my response to this article is eye-opening about how rapidly disease
can spread without a cure.  The entire Middle East was dying from polio
and they thought at the time it was incurable, until finally a vaccine that
killed the virus was found.  We are lucky that Jonas Salk, medical
researcher and virologist, developed a polio cure and saved thousands of lives
from this paralyzing and deadly disease.