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Letter of Motivation for Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs from Instituteof Technology, Carlow in IrelandRespected Sir,Hereby submitted is the request for the Visa to Ireland, which would help me pursue my masterprogram in Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs from the Institute of Technology, Carlow inIreland. I have taken extreme care to present you with the details of my intent, academicbackground and future aspirations in this letter and to assert my eligibility there by. As such, Iimplore you to please consider my case and provide my application with your affirmative nod.Education BackgroundI have always been a conscientious and enterprising student even from my formative academicyears. As my parents had instilled in me the importance of education to grow in life, I alwayswas attentive of my academic pursuits and vigilant in setting my career goals. I have constantlybelieved that the experiences that one goes through have the potent to mold the person to bebetter. As such, I have always looked at challenges as opportunities to become better and drivelessons from. This nature of mine has supported me get excellent scores all through myacademic stints. Along with being an academically dynamic student, I participated actively invarious extracurricular activities, as well. Being a socially responsible person, I also involvedmyself with diverse social courses.A few words about my familyAt this juncture, I would like to use the opportunity to explain a little about my family. I am theonly ward of my parents. My father, Dattatreya Sarma Sagi, runs the business “Uma DiagnosticCentre”, and my mother, Lakshmi Jayanthi Sagi, supports him in the business.Why Ireland and not India?I was very particular to pursue my higher education from a country that pays extreme heed andimportance to the education system and strives to offer the students with holistic developmentopportunities. In order to understand the education systems of various counties, I have carriedout extensive researches online and gathered information from all diverse sources possible.Based on the researches I had carried out, I understood that the education system of Irelandsuits me best as it ticks all the columns in my expectations of an ideal place for education. Themore I learned about the education system of Ireland, the more convinced I became, as I wasable to understand that the country endows the students keen to develop holistically with allthe necessary infrastructural and academic capabilities. I am sure that these capabilities aregreat opportunities for students to grow into apposite professionals in the area of theirspecializations. It was also encouraging for me to learn that the Irish government constantlystrives to improve the education system of the country by assuming effective policy stances andproviding adequate pecuniary aids. I am also convinced that the country has matchlessinternship opportunities with businesses operating in a range of fields that suits the academictraining of the students in Ireland and that, such hands-on internships will help the studentsprepare themselves to meet the impending challenges in the real business world. Theexperiential learning method of the institutions in the country was another reason that drewme to the country as I am convinced that I can grow through a range of discussions, debatesessions, seminars, presentation and relevant projects. I am profoundly positive that that theempirical and pedagogic nature of the education system of the country will enrich me with arange of astounding skillsets, academic predilection and the absolute will to take on thechallenges.While India does have a few top-notch management, technology and medical educationinstitutes, only the best of the best can get admission there. The higher education institutionsare not sufficient to meet the academic demands of the younger generation and the unsoundreservation policies have only made the situation in India worse. The profound scant ofopportunities for internships limit the students from bolstering their employability. Theeducation system has to go a long way before it can instill confidence in employers andinstitutions across the world. I also understood that a master degree from India will never bringthe value and respect that an international degree from a country like Ireland can immediatelyprovide to my profile.Why this particular course?I am pursuing the master program as a continuation of my undergraduate course so as to gainspecialized knowledge in various aspects of pharmaceutical regulatory affairs. My researchesabout the course have helped me realize that it will bequeath me with all the required insightsin a range of concepts, topics and subjects in regulatory affairs with respect specifically to thepharmaceutical industry. I have also tried to understand about the curriculum of the course in-depth and it gave me profound perspectives in such subjects as research methods and technicalreport writing; non-clinical and clinical evaluation of pharmaceutical technologies; specialpopulations and biologicals and advanced therapies; and life-cycle management, vigilance,surveillance and risk management. The matchless facilitation in such subjects will, I am certain,help me address the industry’s dynamic regulatory compliant requirements and how theregulatory practices can bring responsibility, consistency and competence in the operations ofthe industry.There is no doubt that the carefully designed course will mentor me to achieve outstandingcompetency in information technology, collective and independent research, data analysis andcritical thinking to rally up to the varying requirements of the industry.After Masters Opportunities IndiaAs the 4 th fastest-growing economy in the world and the only trillion-dollar economy in the topfive, the employment prospects for master graduates are immense in India. The growth policiesof the current central government have been stop on with radical changes in the landscape ofIndian economy. Along with such inventive initiatives such as “Make in India”, “CashlessEconomy” and “Digital India”, the policies have helped India its ranking in the index of “Ease ofDoing Business” and attract a slew of businesses from across the world. When it comes topharmaceutical industry, as the second-most populated country in the world, the scope ofhealthcare sector is beyond stellar. As such, the opportunities for professionals withexceptional understanding in a range of pharmaceutical affairs are immense. The presence of arange of native pharmaceutical companies such as Sun Pharma, Dr. Reddy’s, Cipla, Lupin,Himalaya, Dabar and GlaxoSmith along with several others, offers matchless opportunities forstudents with the drive to bring unparalleled value and academic insights to the field. I amprofoundly positive that the program from IT Carlow will surely prepare me to meet all suchchallenges and associate with one of the leading multi-national pharmaceutical companies.Career GoalAt the conclusion of the program, I would like to join the ranks of one of the leading multi-national pharmaceutical companies in India after returning. I am certain that the pragmatic andpedagogic facilitation that I will have received from the university will surely help me projectmyself as an ardent, experienced and employment-ready professional in various capacities ofthe pharmaceutical regulatory affairs. I would like to, in the long-term, grow vertically in theorganization so as to assume the role of a veteran pharmaceutical regulatory professional whocan conceive policies and decisions that will have positive impact on the whole organization,and the industry at large.Financial explanation & Sponsor Income detailsI understand the financial obligations I must discharge during my stay n in Ireland. As such, Ihave already amassed enough amount of money from my parents and an education loan whichwill be sufficient to sponsor my education in Ireland.I have already deposited the entire tuition fee of €9750 to the university, the receipt of which isattached herewith for your inspection.