I am writing to you on behalf of your article in this weeks paper I think the curfew is a fantastic idea I am in full support of the Council proposing this great curfew. Where I live under 16’s are taking over my neighbourhood me and the other residents in the area are feeling threatend by these gangs of ‘yobs’ hanging around our area. All they do is go around drinking and creating uneeded noise which I and the rest of our neighbourhood would agree on. While we adults are staying indoors scared of going out they are out commiting crimes and going round doing under age drinking and under age sex and if the parents of these children could see what I see nearly every night then I’m sure they would be in support with me.

As I said before I am scared to go out of my house to go to the shops or to the pub or anywhere! because I am scared of getting jumped or mugged or even killed. Also this curfew would be a good idea because it would give new employees in the police force good experience of dealing with these situations so they are confident and experienced when it comes to a really big proper crime.

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Also if this curfew goes through then once all of the under 16’s are indoors then it will make life easier for the police patrolling to catch the proper criminals because they won’t have to put up with the cheek and disrespect that they recieve off the under 16’s, also the under 16’s need to respect the police force and realise that they are trying to protect them but they are just trying to show off in front of friends.