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Leslie Gallegos World CulturesGuatemalan GenocideEvents Leading to GenocideBefore the genocide of the Mayan people, the Guatemalan government and the Mayans were in a civil war. The civil war had started because the Guatemalan government suspected that the Mayans were going to attempt to revolt against them, since they supported communism. To prevent this revolt, the Guatemalan government decided to target them in many gruesome ways.Events of GenocideThe genocidal acts against the Mayans began in 1980, with the Guatemalan government distinguishing the Mayans from the other civilians. This was simple to do since they were already suffering serious maltreatment compared to other civilians. The Guatemalan army then invaded the homes of the Mayan people to take away there resources, like their crops and water. The mass executions followed. From the amputation of people’s limbs and leaving them alone to die, setting them on fire, to throwing them in pits alive to die, and more. Those were all ways that the Guatemalan government executed the Mayan people.U.S. Response The United States’ response was to provide aid to the Guatemalan government since they were against communism too. The aid they provided was men, training for the Guatemalan army, and supplies.Response of the International CommunityThe international community responded to the Guatemalan genocide by helping the Guatemalan government come to an agreement with the Marxist rebel movement.  When they finally came to an agreement, the Guatemalan government and the Marxist rebel movement signed a document to establish peace.Journal EntriesI went to the store with my Mom today, as we went people yelled stuff at my Mom and I. I didn’t understand what they were yelling or why they were yelling it, but they sounded mad. Soldiers came to our house today. My Mom told me to go to my room and to not come out until she said. I started to hear things break, and my Dad yelling for them to leave. My Mom came to get me and we went outside. I saw the soldiers ripping out our crops, and shot our animals, after that they left. The soldiers came back, it’s been a couple of days since they were last here. They took my Dad, but he was reluctant to leave. They shot him because of his resistance to leave us. My Mom obeyed and followed the soldiers, but I wanted to stay with my Dad.I was separated from my Mom yesterday . They took her with another group of women, and kept me with other children. I cried because I didn’t want her to leave me, but she said to just obey what the soldiers said to do.It’s been a couple of days, i’m scared. Yesterday I was asleep when I heard my mom yelling my name. She was running towards me and got shot. The soldiers would have shot me too if I would have ran towards her. Bibliography https://prezi.com/bhsxnfu9scd0/guatemalan-genocide/ http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/country_profiles/1215811.stm https://aboutguatemalagenocide.weebly.com/cause-and-effect-of-the-guatemalan-genocide.html  https://www.huffingtonpost.com/barbara-borst/guatemala-calling-on-the-_b_4726976.html