Leading Especially when the feasibility of obtaining concentrated

Leading might seem the most stressful thing ever, but boy is
it oh so rewarding! Nothing beats the sense of achievement once you succeed a
task with your team, and nothing beats the sensation of overcoming failures. I
view myself as an individual who seeks to more forward towards intellectual
achievement, and it is for this very reason that I take initiative during
various challenging situations.

My role as a leader is the individual who initiates,
propagates, and collates group efforts. I’ve served as the team leader for not
only my Chemistry and Physics investigative projects of studying Alum synthesis
and the Earth’s magnetic field respectively, but also for our school science
exhibition of a cloud chamber to detect muons. In all these projects, we came
across a ton of hurdles, and there were points when all seemed lost. However,
those were also the moments where my drive to succeed sparked, burning
tirelessly to see the task through. A notable example is how during our Potash
Alum experiment, the school laboratory had accidentally misplaced our complete
batch of crystals. During this situation, I organized team meetings even on
weekends, and in the end, we shone through with stellar results. At the same
time, I also believe in adaptability which had served me well during the Cloud
Chamber exhibition. Especially when the feasibility of obtaining concentrated isopropyl
alcohol came into question, the team adapted to the circumstances by obtaining ethyl
alcohol as a substitute.

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In spite of all the personal qualities I might have
highlighted before, if there was one thing I learned from my experience as a
leader, it would be that it’s not all about me. It was through the trials I
endured through leadership that I understood the true value of cohesion, and as
cliché as it might sound, unity was truly the deciding factor in our success. To
conclude, the number of combinations of personalities to work with is like a palette.
All of us have that inner artistic sense called “leadership” and it’s just a
matter of unleashing our inner Van Gogh.