For sell a product because advertisements are viewed

For this coursework assignment on advertisements I will be choosing several different advertisements, commenting on the language used on the adverts, how companies use superlatives and improvable claims to sell products, imagery, individual wording amongst other things. Advertising is the biggest and best way to sell a product because advertisements are viewed all over the world. Advertisers are very smart with how they choose to portray themselves as a company and how they want the product to be seen by people.

The ways that people view products is greatly varied dependent upon the types of advertising the company uses, some companies appeal to one type of person and therefore concentrate on that one group of people, an example of this would be medication for help preventing heart disease and/or slimming the risk that a person has of suffering from a heart attack. The power of advertising has grown largely over the past twenty years and companies are now realising that different methods of advertising suit different types of people, from the rich down to the not so well off.

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The people who purchase the products that companies are selling are split into a number of groups including: The aspirer, people who are most likely to succeed and choose to spend lavishly on cars, radios and other luxury items that make them feel more important, owns their own home/apartment and is very often single. -And- The mainstreamer who is seen as a normal everyday person who often has children and is married, chooses how to spend money wisely and either owns or rents their home, mainstreamers also often drive family cars.

Imagery is also one of the main parts of advertising which is used often in an attempt to make people see products differently and sometimes make people more eager to buy a product, for example ferrero rocher is portrayed in it’s advertisements as being the chocolates eaten by the rich and famous meaning that the company can not only charge a higher price for them, people will also choose to buy them so they can feel more like ‘upper-class’ people. Advert Number 1 Introduction

The first advertisement that I have chosen to write about is an advertisement for a porcelain plate with a picture of a dog printed full size on the plate. The picture featured on the front of the plate is one of a King Charles spaniel, the spaniel is in front of a darker, grey/green background which helps to makes the features of the spaniel stand out more and help to ‘draw’ a reader to find out more about the product. The advert is one which contains a send away slip positioned in the lower right hand corner.

The advertisement seems to be one which is aimed at both the rich and elderly, I believe this because of the plate is “edged with precious 22-carat gold which obviously is not normal when said regarding plates, meaning this plate is more likely to be used for show/decoration. The plate is named “eyes of love” presumably because of the pose that the dog is performing, and also because of the gleam in the dog’s eye which can be seen as a sign off innocence which does tend appeal to the older readers who like dogs or just like anything youthful. Analysis of advert

This advert is an advert that, to me, seems to appeal to older readers, aged from 50 and older, the older are seen as the people who have more money to spend on products like this one, the older population are also seen as the type of people who prefer to use these types of ornaments in a dining room cupboard and/or for presentation rather than eating off, also collectors of this type of product will be most likely to notice this advert over an advert that does not appeal to themselves like this advertisement does not particularly appeal to me.

The colour scheme is one that blends in well with the features of the plate meaning that people will at least look at the page which the advert is printed on, and if the reader feels interested in the product that the company is selling then they will choose whether or not to purchase the product. This advertisement is designed to appeal to a certain type of person and I believe that it succeeds in its job purely because of its simplicity. The colours that are used in this advertisement are brown, gold, beige and white.

Each for a different purpose: Brown is used as the main background behind the picture of the product which is for sale so as to contrast with the colour of the dog’s fur and therefore make the feature of the dog’s “eyes of love” stand out more. Gold is used around the edge of the page as it is used on the edge of the plate giving an idea of being expensive and having to be posh to be privileged enough to own one although people are able to buy the product easily.

Beige is used as the background for the text because it is a calm colour is easier on eyes than plaint white and helps the text to be read easier by older people. White is used to make the slip which needs to be filled in to purchase the product stand out so that people know that it is there. There is only one picture on this page and it is one of the product which the company is trying to sell, The picture is the largest thing on the page and therefore is the first thing which a person would notice about the advertisement.

The picture shows the dog and is given a fake gleam to show the shiny gold edging that the plate is advertised to feature. There are several headings in this piece each commenting on reasons why people should choose to purchase this product, each of the headings focuses on the product claiming that the picture featured is “a heart warming portrait” which a lot of people may agree on.

The other headings also focus on trying to coax people into buying the product using different adjectives that are well known by all but are very descriptive and in some cases these types of words/language help people to decide on whether to buy it or not. “Act now”- the makers are commanding people to buy now or they may not be able to purchase one of the plates. The advert takes up a full page and although this costs the makers more money is harder for people to miss and is easily noticeable.

This advert contains a lot of text and as a result of this not many people would choose to pay attention to the advert itself, also the text is all positioned close together meaning it would be slightly easier to read but looks longer than if the text was spread out across the page. In the text the makers have chosen to follow the example of other adverts that are similar to this one by constantly using adjectives to describe how cute the dog pictured on the plate is, and therefore if the person reading the advert likes to collect plates or ‘loves’ dogs will be more likely to buy the product.

As I have mentioned earlier I believe that this product is aimed at the older generation of readers,” Danbury mint” the company who make this product are more than likely to have hired a group of people to make this advertisement as appealing as is possible for this type of product and to the age range that they are choosing to sell this product to. Advertisement number 2.

The second advertisement that I am going to write about is an advertisement by Zocor Heart-Pro, this advertisement is one that is aimed as men aged from 45 years old to 70 years old, This advertisement is for a product that claims to effectively reduce the risk of heart disease, the advertiser use a range of different “tactics” to make men aged 45-70 look at this advertisement and think about their own lives and whether or not to consider to purchase the product. The advertisement is one that would be read by more people than my previous advertisement because of the layout and uses of colour from the advertisers.

Analysis of advert The advertisement is one which would more than likely appeal to the group of people that it is aimed at and many people who suffer from hypochondria and so effectively is a good example of an advert that would help greatly to sell a product without paying a large sum of money for a famous face to endorse the product. I particularly like this advert because it is advertising a product that could help a lot of people to avoid heart disease and heart problems in their lives.

The advertisers have used clever wording throughout the text which gives the idea that all men aged 45 and older being at risk of heart disease/problems, The headline which is boldly noticeable to all who look at the page is a rhetorical question which makes the reader take notice of what the product is used for, while reading the text the reader is addressed personally with the use of the words “you” and “your”, this informal approach to advertising is not used often but when a company decides to write an advertisement in an informal style of writing it is very effective, this type of text makes many readers believe that the company is writing to them personally and this can effectively be the factor that makes people choose to buy the product over another rival product.

The company also has decided to place their web address and contact number at the foot of the advertisement as a precaution for anyone who is not sure about the product has any questions that they want answered about their own personal risk of having heart disease or any signs to show whether they personally have a heart problem. In this advertisement the use of colour is very important in all advertisements and can be used to show many different things, in this advertisement the advertisers have used the colour red to show danger in the main heading, they have used red because this colour will immediately linked with danger by a reader and the words “HEART ATTACK” in particular that are written in red so they catch a readers attention.

In the text the advertisers use statistics to scare the reader and repeat the word “risk” twice in the opening paragraph to inevitably force the scared reader to read on about the possible risk level that they personally may be at regarding heart disease and/or heart problems, at one point the advertisers are asking questions of the reader writing “why not find….. ” which asks the reader whether they know how much they are at risk of suffering from heart problems. Unlike the previous advertisement that I wrote about the text featured in this advertisement is broken up by an illustration in the centre of the page, by doing this the advertisers are making the questionnaire in the top right hand corner of the page come into the readers mind and a lot of the time people will take the questionnaire so as to quash any doubts that they have about their health in the future.

The picture featured In the advertisement is one of a male presumably aged between 45 and 70 years old, the man looks to be in good health and is pictured in front of what can be seen as a relaxing background, the man is also dressed in white which is meant to show how he is a, relaxed human being with no problems in the world because of how zocor has helped him to avoid heart problems. This statement is what I believe the hired advertisers have used to picture the perfect way to have this product portrayed by all. Despite there being 2 pictures on this advertisement, the advertisement is mostly text which gives information about the possible risk people could be at if they do not already know.