Lady “Are you afraid to act the way

Lady Macbeth is a character that contributes to the story arguably more than Macbeth himself. She is manipulative, deceptive, and somewhat greedy from the start through to the end of the play. The reason behind her actions from the beginning of the play were for her own interest. This is what really struck me about her true nature as a character. When she discusses the matter of which the witches Macbeth’s mentioned in his letter said about him becoming king of Scotland.Immediately as her husband returns from fighting against a savage war against the vikings Lady Macbeth greets her husbands with inquiries of why the witches said he would become king of Scotland. She then goes so far as to say ” That day will never come. Your face betrays strange feelings, my lord ” ( Macbeth Act 1, Scene 5, page 3). From as soon as Macbeth arrives instead of embracing him and congratulating him on victory she suggests murdering Duncan. Lady Macbeth wastes no time in suggesting the idea to her husband as soon as he arrives. This proves to be quite a manipulative action taken by Lady Macbeth. She even goes further to convince Macbeth moments later when he is having doubts. “Are you afraid to act the way you desire? Will you take the crown you want so badly, or will you live as a coward, always saying “I can’t” after you say “I want to”? ( Act 1, Scene 7, page 2). She starts to questions Macbeth’s own manhood, which proves to be successful in pressuring Macbeth to make actions he may not entirely agree with. Lady Macbeth does this more later in the play and it is from here as well as other moments in the play that we see how much impact her words have on Macbeth.The deceit from Lady Macbeth starts right when Macbeth tells her that Duncan will be staying with them at the castle. “your face betrays strange feelings, my lord, and people will be able to read it like a book. In order to deceive them, you must appear the way they expect you to look.” (Macbeth Act 1, Scene 5, page 3). She instantly wishes to deceive Duncan so much so as to even tell her husband what he must do and join her in her deceit in order to achieve the plan successfully. She even goes so far as to tell him not to worry and to leave the rest to her.Lady Macbeth’s true intentions are hinted at slightly by her mention to her husband of killing Duncan. However as the play proceeds the audience can come to the conclusion that she is not just doing this for Macbeth’s sake because she really wants to see him become king. Bur rather her intention and motivation for committing the crime of murdering Duncan were so that she can become queen since upon Duncan’s death Macbeth would become king. Lady Macbeth wishes to become queen for her own personal gain, which gives motivation as to why she wanted to murder Duncan so desperately. Lady Macbeth proves to be not only manipulative, deceptive, and overly ambitious but also cunning and somewhat remorseful when it comes to other aspects. She is by far not one to be taken lightly. Shakespeare went far to change the perspective of what a women would be considered to be like in the time of the 11th century. This depicts just how important the role of Lady Macbeth is in the play.