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Kylie BrannonMs. NicoloEnglish 1014 January 2018World of MisconceptionsBoo Radley and Tom Robinson shared many similarities though one man is white and the other is black. By comparing the two together, in the novel To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee proves that equality and compassion reach past the boundary of color and human assumptions. “The principles of living greatly include the capacity to face trouble with courage, disappointment with cheerfulness, and trial with humility” (Thomas S. Monson). Boo and Tom are handicapped men. Boo’s family protects him as if he’s handicapped, but Tom is physically handicapped but his race is definitely a bigger “disability” in the Maycomb community. Tom Robinson was a 25 year old man married to Helen. He was a hard working disabled man, but lived near the dump. Tom also attends church, where Calpurnia says his parents are “clean-living folks” (Lee 75) Together, Tom and Helen have 3 children. He is a generous man, and spends most of his time helping out Mayella Ewell. As time goes on, Tom was arrested and charged of raping and assaulting Mayella Ewell. The trial in court, Tom testified that he had to pass Mayella’s house to get to work. She would ask him to help her with chores, as in hauling water, chopping wood, or other task. On the day of the alleged attack, Tom says Mayella asked him to fix a door inside of her house. Tom notices the house was unusually quiet, and all of Mayella’s siblings were gone. Mayella says that is has taken a year of hard work to send the children away to get ice cream, as Tom goes to get something Mayella tries to kiss and hug Tom. At that moments Bob, Mayellas father, arrives home and Tom Ran because he was scared. He said he testifies hearing Bob call Mayella a whore and threatened to kill her. Bob made himself seem as if he was abusive, and non protective of his daughter, Mayella. Under consideration of Tom’s words, he didn’t lay a finger on Mayella, showing that the assault was committed from her own father. Bob is a racist bigot and he accused Tom of raping his daughter to hide what he did to her, and he was embarrassed about what Mayella did to Tom. Who could forget about the strange character in a old house? Boo radley. A man of strange ways, but the kindest of all. He had so many misconceptions made up about him but  ends up being the hero to Scout and Jem. Arthur “boo” Radley was thought of as a monster, but on the inside he was a good person. Boo Radley is a mentally ill man who lived with his horribly mean brother and this is why he never went outside (62) Since Boo was never seen, the maycomb community has changed his reputation to a violent and vicious human being. In the beginning of the book he was known as a  creep, especially when jem swears he saw a figure in boos yard at night. (58) He left odd gifts where Jem and Scout would visit daily, and he also placed a blanket over Scout the night of a house fire. (72) Boo is also one of the most brave people in the Maycomb community; Boo defended Jem and Scout when Bob Ewell  tried to murder them. Tom and Boo are both mockingbirds. They’re