Kids didn’t eat and not eating can

Kids around the world are being used to daily jobs that adults can do. For example, Iqbal’s parents sold him for twelve US dollars. The people who Iqbal’s parents  sold him to put him in child labor.  I think child labor is a problem because it can cause health problems and can possibly kill you. Child labor is a problem because it can cause health problems. In the video Freedom Hero: Iqbal Masih “it said Iqbal was small because In the video freedom hero Iqbal masih it said Iqbal didn’t eat and not eating candy make you starve to death didn’t eat”. As a possibility he could have gotten very sick from not eating. Also, according to the World Health Organization “the effect hazardous child labor vary from skin disease to asthma to (in the worst case) fatal injuries. Not only physical but also mental and behavioral problems can be the result of hazardous child labor.” Child labor is bad enough that it can cause health problems. Kids with health problems in child labor can get very sick. Child labor is a problem because it can possibly kill you. In the video Freedom Hero:Iqbal Masih it said “Iqbal didn’t eat and not eating can make you starve to death”. Also according to World Health Organization “children can be found in almost any economic sector. However, at a global level most of them are in agriculture (70%).Some hazardous agriculture are the exposure to pesticides the use of dangerous Machinery or tools (like knives) carrying heavy loads the prep the presence of snakes. Children working in agriculture are the ones suffering most injuries”. This shows that having kids do hard work for you just to have the kids possibly killed has no point even making kids do very hard adult work without getting them possibly killed has no point.   When children do work that is illegal to make kids do they can have their health and possibly their life put in danger. Overall child labor is terrible kids should be able to live life as a kid then live life as an adult they should start working. How would you feel having to do very hard work non-stop as a child and get seriously unhealthy without any support?  Bibliography Berg, Matt, “10 Child Labor Facts”  October 4, 2013 “Hazardous child labour”, World Health Organization, 2018 Schloat, Anson “Freedom Hero: Iqbal Masih”, Youtube, November 27, 2008