Khun end of World War II in 1945,

Khun Srun, who was born during the end of World War II in 1945, was an vital Cambodian writer, who was born in the poor family during young age in Roveang village, Samrong district in Takeo province. In his childhood, he and his kin were raised by his mother who is small shopkeeper and dedicated buddhist. When Cambodia got independence in 1953 and education had been highly promoted by the government and the authority, on advanced education and professionalization to restore the human resource in Sihannouk regime, he started to enter into school and his talent and interested was related to the writing and psychology. He does not pay much attention on the social and economic class. He was a good student in Khmer Writing. Thus, literature and psychology are the two subject that he studied in University of Phnom Penh. In his study career, he become widely read in science, mathematic and European literature. Afterward to the turmoil situation in 1960s, he filled in as mathematic teacher and journalist as writing fictions and poetries. He was also former textbook editorial committee in Ministry of education. He had published philosophical tales, poems and short stories. Two of his famous short stories were The Last Residence and The Accused. Both existentialism and Cambodia Buddhism was preserved in Khun Srun’s mind and principles. During Lol Not regime, he was detained by the right wing for refuse to work for the government. He was not join neither left and right wing of government parties. The Accused, which he published in 1973, was described a situation where Cambodian military  government detained an author who asserted  himself as a normal writer and not political conviction. His life was threaten too much and he need to left the country in order to secure his survival. Because his principle was nationalism, he decided to stay in Cambodia and later on joined the Khmer Rouge regime. He worked as railway engineer. Unfortunately, his life was short by the time  he was murdered with his wife in Toul Sleng prison in Phnom Penh in the late 1978 at the age of thirty-three years old, two weeks before the Vietnamese troops overthrow Pol Pot regime in 1979. There are many achievement and books published during his literature career such as:

Textbook of Mathematic from third grade up to eighth grade in 1970
My view part one, two and three in 1970
About Knowledge —— For Young People in 1971
The Beauty of Life in 1971. (It was republished in 1994)
About Love —— For Young People in 1971 ( It was published in Second Edition in 1973)
The Last Residence in 1972
The Accused in 1973

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