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Khanh NguyenProfessor McClainHistory G17026 January 2018Abraham Lincoln: The Great Emancipator Abraham Lincoln is the well-known and knowledgeable American President who frees the law of slavery and protect their humans’ rights. However, Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation causes many consequences in which the most problem is Civil War. Civil War was one of the largest war during the nineteenth century under the hands of Abraham Lincoln who the newly elected sixteenth president of United States. Because of that, many people reject the accolade “The Great Emancipator” of Abraham Lincoln even though he does free the slavery laws which is the hard and brave decision that no one in that period of time could accomplish. Based on the political and historical background of Abraham Lincoln, he deserves the accolade “The Great Emancipator” in somehow. Some politicians claim that Lincoln intentions are completely political rather than being moral. However, his “political perspective” still save many African-American people and that helps him become a heartful president. By being elected president, he can use his power to apply the lawful rules to achieve more great and helpful accomplishment in order to save more people. In the history, he can be considered as a first person who goes against the institutions of slavery. Even though, before Lincoln, a few politicians stand for the abolishment of slavery but then none of them has a voice and actually speak out for African-American people as the same way as Abraham Lincoln. He might know that in order to obviously take the side on African-American people, he can become a victim of people who are slave owners. In the other words, Lincoln gets a risk of his own life to be able to protect slavery’s humans’ rights. In the end of his life, he was assassinated by a white murderer who went against his proclamation of freeing slavery. There are no doubts that many people at that time hated and felt angry toward Lincoln but he still spoke out for African-American people. Even though the Federal is struggling into the status of lacking money, the Congress tries to decrease the support, but only Lincoln realizes that the most important issue to solve and keep the Federal is to disregard the slavery. Based on that reason, Lincoln can be considered as “The Great Emancipator”.   President Abraham Lincoln not only free the slaves, but he also creates the union of America which is a huge step to develop the United States of America. At that time, the Civil War happened that killed a lot of people in North and South America. In the country, there is no reason for a war that occurred inside that nation. Because of the omitting of slavery of Lincoln, the war starts between two parts of America. However, in the Civil War, Lincoln’s side won and he frees million of African-American people. As that fact, Lincoln can be considered as a great leader who has a great mind and skill in order to win the war. It is not possible to not mention those who help and support Lincoln at that time. But many people argue that in his letter, Lincoln writes, “As the letter continues, he writes “If I could save the Union without freeing any slave I would do it”. People who oppose him claim that he does not free the slavery but his heart but by the purpose to save the union. But he is still a great emancipator because that is the only way he can save the union. By saving the union, he frees the slavery. If anyone can find the other way to save the union, they can stand up for that. His action actually works in order to reunite America. Even though lots of people died in the Civil War, but if he did not free the law of slavery, more innocent African-American people would be dead. People who died in Civil War might feel pleased and satisfied because they actually save people and sacrifice their lives to stand up for the right and moral situation. Based on the moral, every human has the same and equal rights in which no one has an upper position on others. By controlling and selling people, slave owners go against the natural law. There is no such law proving that African-American people can be the slaves. Under Abraham Lincoln’s leadership, Americans unified to accelerate the growth of the nation, which was at the time in the progress of development.   Abraham Lincoln is a peace activist who goes against the unfair law repressing on African-American people. He debates for equality for the slave. He does not free all the slaves in all the nation, but at least he disbands the law of slavery in ten Confederate States that where are not under the control of Federal Government. In addition, he gives freedom to African-American and protects their natural rights which at least he does something helpful before he died. By his proclamation, people who are on his side have the motivation to protect and abolish the institution of slavery. Abraham Lincoln encourages others peace activists who want fight for fair and equality of humans. Because of that, Lincoln deserve a title of “The Great Emancipator” who not only omits slavery but also protects humans’ power. Abraham Lincoln is a first politician who voices out for African-American people’s rights and publishes three Civil Rights Amendments. He is a great and understandable president who motivates many peace activists and encourage them to stand up for the thing that they feel unfair. People nowadays should feel appreciated for what he did in the past. Lincoln was being killed because he saved people which means he receives unfair thing to fight for the fair circumstance. Even though he does not omit the institution of slavery completely, he gives freedom to lots of African-American people. Lastly, he deserves the accolade “The Great Emancipator” by his heartful and moral proclamation.  Work Cited”INSTITUTE FOR HISTORICAL REVIEW.” The ‘Great Emancipator’ and the Issue of Race,, Michael W. “The Fiery Trial: Abraham Lincoln and American Slavery, by Eric Foner.” Journal of the Abraham Lincoln Association, Michigan Publishing, University of Michigan Library,–fiery-trial-abraham-lincoln-and-american-slavery?rgn=main%3Bview.