Kenton Review The village was released July 30,

Kenton JonesDecember 20, 2017Writing Mrs kovarThe Village Review The village was released July 30, 2004. It’s a American psychological horror movie. To me it was more of a suspense movie then a horror film. The overall movie was about this village where the people in the village live in fear of monsters living in the woods. The woods were off limits to the villagers. Years earlier they made an agreement where the villagers would nt go in the woods and the creatures would not go in the village. But of course people don’t keep their word. Come to find out the village is a wildlife refuge. The trees cover the outside wall and the employees are acting as monsters so people lost their life over something that was a joke. Kinda teaches a good lesson there. The film started out at a funeral and sorrow, the rising action would have been when the film director displays Noah as innocent because of his disability and how he has a mindset of a child. The climax would have been when Noah stabbed Lucas out of jealousy of Ivy. The falling action would have been when Noah dressed up as a monster in the woods and began chasing Ivy around trying to harm Ivy like he did Lucas, which led to his death. As he was chasing Ivy she tricked him into his own death. The resolution would have been when Ivy makes it back and the elders decide to maintain the village. The author did a good job in the plot. It teaches that one can’t outrun heartache by tragedy. Also the characters acts were well planned out. And how the mood was set by the sound affects and color, like when it would be slow music and dark you know something is about to happen. The clothing they were wearing was good too, how the monsters had red suites, and Ivy had the yellow suit it was fitting.My opinion on this film is that it was well put together, but the author could have done a better job at not making it so confusing. Just made the main points a lot more clear. But it was a good movie in my opinion, the special effects were cool also. In conclusion i say M. Night Shyamalan’s movie was definitely a success. The actors all had good roles, the setting was great, the costumes were fitting, it definitely will keep you wondering what’s going to happen next! Overall, GREAT movie! I definitely recommend it if your looking for a suspenseful movie.