Religion free from sins existence. Nowadays, the main

Religion and human beliefs are closely interconnected as depending on the country people live in and the culture they follow, people have particular vision of the past, present and future. Christianity is the religion which has many trends and direction. There are a lot of different confessions and beliefs within this system that it is difficult to distinguish those for a simple person.

However, the changes and the variations of the Christianity are rather new tendencies. Looking at the earliest Christians, it is possible to say that their beliefs were common. Thus, dwelling upon the vision of the Jesus’ resurrection and their view of the apocalyptic world, it is possible to say that Jesus’ divine, immortality and other specific characteristics connected with the resurrection may be believed as the central reasons for people to believe in the apocalypses.

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The earliest Christians’ understanding of Jesus’ resurrection is based on the belief that by this action God has selected Jesus as the most deserving person on the world to become God, his followers. Additionally, many people consider Jesus’ resurrection as the hint for the whole mankind on what is going wait for those who follows the rules and principles of God.

Thus, Jesus’ resurrection is the reasons why people are sure that the life on the Earth has the end. It is possible to predict that those who are going to live the fair lives and follow the rules and principle taught by Jesus, they would have an opportunity to come through the way of Jesus’ resurrection (Ehrman 58).

The earliest Christians were sure that the death is like a sleep which is going to last for some time until the world is cleaning and only those who managed to lead a life according to the Jesus’ teaching may deserve the resurrection. It means that the early Christians believed that in the apocalyptic nature of the world as to resurrect people are to die, and the whole world is to disappear for a moment to start a new free from sins existence.

Nowadays, the main idea of the Christianity is the resurrection which is possible only if people lead the fair lives and in accordance with the God’s principles. Therefore, it may be even said that the Jesus’ resurrection is one of the reasons why people believe in the apocalyptic nature of the world. Jesus was the person who took all the sins of the humankind with the purposes to redeem them and help people start a new life free from cruelty, deception, and violation.

However, looking at the world where too much despair and suffering, Early Christians believed that the judgment day would come and only those who fairly believed in God and followed his principles would be saved. Therefore, the resurrection should come after apocalypses which is the judgment day when each one will have to answer for all the actions done on the Earth.

Therefore, it may be concluded that the Jesus’ resurrection has become one of the main reasons for the whole mankind to wait for the judgment day and resurrection of those who deserve it. Moreover, many early Christians are sure that God made it possible for all to see Jesus’ resurrection with the purpose to notify them that Jesus was going to be his followers and point at the future of those who are going to lead the lived free from sins.

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