Jayden Honshu, from Tokyo bay, to Kagoshima

Jayden Bisquera 11-21-2017Mr. ParsloeJapanese spider crab essayThe Japanese Spider crab What would you do if you came across the biggest crab in the world? That would be creepy. My information from two websites called Japanese Spider Crab wikipedia, and the other called Japanese Spider Crab. The reason I decided to write a essay about this animal because I think it would be cool for people to know about this animal. But we really don’t know how many of these animals are there. Come and let us explore the wonders of the Japanese spider crab. The male spider crab can blend in with the floor of the ocean, the hide or catch its prey. The spider crab also get as big as 18 feet claw to claw. But the body of this massive creature is only one and a half feet wide. The size of a newly born spider crab is the size of one plankton. They have armored exoskeletons to protect them from predators. A whole crab can weigh up to 44 pounds. The body can get as big as 40 cm. They are orange with white spots. The female can do the same as the male but the female’s size and how much it weighs is different than the males. The females have much shorter chelipeds, these are the front legs that are probably used for picking up food or items. The chelipeds are only 12 feet claw to claw. The bodies are much smaller.The japanese spider crab live in the southern coasts of the Japanese island Honshu, from Tokyo bay, to Kagoshima Prefecture. Adults can be found around 50 and 600 meters. And others live around 150-300 meters. They live in hole and crevices in the deep ocean. Japanese spider crabs can live up to 100 years or more.  They move to more shallow waters during spawning. The young ones live in the shallow water until they get bigger then move to the deep waters.The spider crab is a omnivore, something that eats plants and animals. And acts like a scavenger and eating the leftover meat from dead animals. Some will scrape the bottom of the ocean for algae and plants. Other can pry open shells of mollusks. Some will even chop people finger off with their claws.   So this is why I chose to write an essay on this animal. So people would know about this animal. I feel like this is a rare animal to see and they don’t live in america. So the only way to see one in the ocean is by going to Japan. So this is why I chose to write this, and I hope you enjoyed.