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Japanese Giant HornetsHave you you ever seen a hornet? Most people find them pretty scary.Now imagine one that’s 5.5   cm long and has a wingspan of 3 in and there stings HURT. (no, i’m not exaggerating) Predators / PreyAs you might guess with Hornets eat things like insects. But japanese giant hornets eat things like other hornets, bees and even praying mantis. But one of this hornets enemies is also its prey!  European honey bees. In one attack 30 hornets can kill upto 30,000 European bees. These bees are an easy meal to giant hornets. UNTIL the hornets go in there hive the hornets only take out 10 more bees before they bring out the thermal defense.30 Japanese Giant Hornets invade a hive of 30,000 Honey Bees – YouTube.  SPEEDA peel p50 t15 couldn’t even catch up to this fast hornet! (these cars can only drive 15 mph hence the name T15) So how fast do you think they go? 15 mph, 20 mph, They can actually go 25 mph. When hornets were discovered in 1856 in japan people could instantly know that they could be a big threat to everyone then later figuring out that they could fly 25 mph (Softschools.com) and inject 3 times the venom of an average wasp. (3ml). Pretty scary!                               SIZEJapanese giant hornets can grow up to 2.2 in (5.5 cm)!!! The biggest hornet in the worldThis hornet has a stinger size of ¼ in (0.25 in) enough to kill 40 bees in one minute (which they do!). Even has a wingspan of 6 centimeters. They inject 3ml a sting that has enough power to kill a man in one a sting. (If allergic) It takes nearly 10 stings to kill a man who’s not allergic.Facts!!!Like any normal bee hive these hornets have workers, drones, and queens.2. Hornets are responsible for more than 40 deaths in japan every year.3. They can fly a full 60 miles in one hour.4. When there drones reach adult age they leave the hive to find another queen to start a new colony.5. These hornets are also called giant sparrow bees.6. One of their eyes are compound and one is ocelli.*Ocelli is a more simple eye like ours and compound is something like a bunch of tiny eyes. Imagine you had tons of hexagonal eyes in one eye that’s what having a compound eye would feel like.*I mentioned in the size category how big the hornet is. So do you think a 3 in wingspan is big? Well let’s compare in a fight with biggest spider in the world(Giant huntsman spider 1FT LONG). THE END-SoftSchools-AtoZindex