James to persuade his audience to dent the

           James Herriot is a veterinarian who is best known for his semi-autobiographical stories. In each and everyone of his books there are things many people can identify with these particular situations, such as: puzzling illnesses bad-tempered people who later come around, owners who believe pets have varieties of ailments, and books, he tries to inspire his readers to do more with their lives than what is expected; he has tried to persuade his audience to dent the universe and make history.                     James Herriot, born in Sunderland, the United Kingdom on October 3, 1916 and lived in his grandparents two up two down terraced house as a baby with his parents. James was never called by his real name because his father’s name is James and his fathers father’s name was James, so they called him Alfie, for his real name was James Alfred Wight. Three weeks after Alfie was born he and his parents moved to Glasgow to leave his grandparent’s house for it was to small for them all to live in. Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland and has many poor people, sadly Alfie and his parents were poor. At the age eight years old he had to  get a Job which was helping the milkman everyday to help support his family.           For education, Alfie had determination and brains, so he was later admitted to Yorker preliminary school. From August 1921 until June 1928 Alfie left his home at 8:45 am everyday and walked to preliminary school 1/2 miles away. One day he took a tram one month short of his twenty fifth birthday three miles across the city and headed to leafy middle-class residential suburb of hill head to start his first free term of co-educational Hillhead high school. Soon Alfie was accepted into Glasgow veterinarian college he decided to leave and go to the rural community.           In January 1940, Alfie worked briefly for a veterinarian practice in Sunderland, but soon moved to work in a rural practice near Thirsk, Yorkshire where he spends the rest of his life and presently his home is a museum called the World of James Herriot. Later on, in his life James begins to write books based on his recorded animal treatments from his daybook. Only expecting his book to reach about 20 it reaches millions; his book was filled with innocent stories told through simple proses or pets and their owners. James continued to write even after his retirement from veterinarian work. On February 23, 1995 James Herriot died peacefully of prostate cancer on Thursday night.           Was awarded order of the British Empire and was named top selling Author at St. Martin’s.           James Herriot is a very well known writer, but does everyone really understand the real meaning of his books, in his books he shows heartwarming stories and innocent meanings to give light into peoples lives. Alfie has always wanted to inspire people through a meaningful way and how anything is possible as long as you put your mind towards it and choose to follow that path. So, let no doubt come to mind when striding towards the future with confidence and self-esteem.