It’s how much she liked and enjoyed

with great honor that I had the opportunity to interview and introduce to you
my coworker, Ms. Brown. Ms. Brown is very outspoken, has a strong leadership
and values other people’s qualities and contributions. Ms. Brown has black
natural hair and a very strong accent. Ms. Brown is a middle-aged African
American woman. She is very tall which makes her such an elegant woman. She
loves to laugh and joke around. But the moment she notices that I’m sad or
upset with someone, she always helps, talks to calm me down, this woman always
smells of something delightful. She loves to wear gold jewelry. Every day I
look forward to her golden earrings, a few rings on fingers with beautiful
stones and heavy vintage bracelet. “Gold enhances a real woman at the best
way, it was created especially for us,” says Brown about her jewelry. It’s
funny, but I agree that women should keep up their appearance and to beautify
oneself! I could write much more about Brown, but this is an interesting and
special woman!

 It is a Monday evening around 6:45 p.m., at
Panera Bread, to conduct an ethnographic interview and to learn more about her
culture. According to her body language, she is eager to get this going along.
When I asked, “What is your nationality?” and “What was life like growing up
for you?” she automatically started smiling uncontrollably. “I am a Saint
Lucian”. Saint Lucia is an island in the Caribbean Sea.  In Saint Lucia, French patois is spoken by most
people, but English is the official language. (Saint Lucia Religion Stats)  The main religion is Roman Catholicism and
Seventh-day Adventists where most people attend church on Saturday. Roughly 15
years ago, Brown left her hometown. I chose to interview Brown because she has
endless love for her country despite her having to leave for a better future.

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the interview, she stated how much she liked and enjoyed her childhood and what
life was like growing up in Saint Lucia which was adventurous. She had a lot of
friends that she could spend time with and family was something she was never
missing. Her family was always around. As a child, she attended school at Bexon
Primary school. When she went to school in Bexon, she lived with her uncle and
aunty. So, I rarely was at my home.” She says. As she was speaking, the tone of
her voice and the expression on her face showed that she had a happy childhood
full of laughter and people were always around, she never felt alone. The
people who live on the island of St Lucia live in a variety of different
neighborhoods. Most of the population live in Castries or the major towns such
as Vieux Fort, Soufrière, and Gros Islet while others live in smaller villages
such as Marc, Bexon, and Labayee.

    Immigrants from the Caribbean experience a
lot of changes and challenges in their lives when transitioning to the United
States. Many experiences having to adapt to a new life and the process to go
through to remain in the U.S. Much to their advantage, some immigrants that
come here also become successful. On November 27 through December 2, I was on a
five-day cruise to the Bahamas. While on the ship many employees greeted
themselves and each employee had their name tags and where they were from. Walking
around I encountered a Saint Lucian. He was one of the many DJ’s. I went up to
him to have a conversation. Just a couple of minutes into the conversation we
instantly connected. While speaking to him he told me that there were also
three other Saint Lucians working on the cruise. The duration of the cruise I
eventually found the other fellow Lucians, where there was one
who struck out to me. While speaking to her I found out that she was a family

    When I asked, “what does it feel to be an
African American? “, she just shook her head. She states that being black has
never been easy. Black culture has been portrayed by media as negative,
disrespectful, ignorant, and most of all violent. Television shows, radios,
music industries, and America have portrayed blacks as segregating,
unidentifiable, and a lack of knowledge group of people. She states that the
reason that racism exists is that of ignorance and hate. Also, she stated
racist ideas are not emerging, they are emerging to defend policies, racist
policies that benefit power.  Racist
policies leading to racists ideas are leading people to be racist. While she
was speaking I asked myself plenty of questions. The more she spoke about this
topic it pulled me closer to every detail she was saying. Racism occurred
thousands of years ago and today in society it is still happening all over the
world which nobody notices. Racism is closely correlated with this African
American course because this isn’t something new that has been happening. It is
amazing to see how many people from different backgrounds and ethnicity agree
with this statement. This showed how racism has impacted society so deeply.
Each person has their own opinion and views but somehow everyone connects. Her
ending words were to focus on eliminating, have faith and challenge power.  The focus was how these forces continue to
have an impact on society today.