It to the closest Military office to

  It was a cold and foggy night as the November rain flooded the Cobble roads of Berlin and the smoke from the gunshots covered the skies, trembling the souls of the citizens who were bound to know what was going to happen to their families and loved ones participating in the bloodshed conflict. From a near town to Berlin named Wittenberge lived a Youthful man named Friedrich Walter his wife Anna and two small children which lived in a small wooden hut.   That night Anna Told Walter that someone had left an envelope on their front doorstep. Walter was surprised as he was only a railway worker that had not too much social contact with the outside disregarding his job. Walter asked Anna to hand him the envelope as he glanced at it read, “Deutsche Basiskräfte” (German base force). Walters’ eyes became sharp like the knife that he was going to use the cut open the envelope it was from the Military…As soon as he opened the envelope he saw a piece of paper inside, his face became red like the blood covered battlefield below the bright winter sun, it was a mandatory join notice to the ground forces of the German Military. The look on his face scared even Anna as she had never seen him so terrified. He wanted to decline and not go but then he couldn’t risk a lifelong stay in jail as it read under in a bold red font of the cooperation request. Anna then encouraged him to leave and fulfill his duty as it was requested of him.      The next day Walter left the house to the closest Military office to turn himself in as the hard rain hit his long navy blue coat and the mud splattered on his dark boots like the blood and the gore that was bound to get him. Once he arrived an old man with a name tag reading, “Hanz Karl” greeted him and took him through some papers that he had to sign. There was no turning back, Walter had signed all the papers and Hanz told him that a military vehicle was going to pick him to take him to the bases where he had to now stay. About an hour later a camouflaged beaten up van arrived, he was taken with a few more citizens that he recognized from his small town as they had no idea what they were going into.      They knew that they were getting closer and closer to the warfare when they started smelling the tingly copper smell of the bullet cases that were everywhere. Once they had arrived they were all granted weapons Walter was given a new rifle by Smith and Wesson at that time it was newly manufactured and was a well worthful weapon to have.  It had made him feel no better, the only thing he could think about was home, his two children and his wife.