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It is an honor to be here with you on a cloudy and sadly yet again extremely smoggy day which is nowadays unfortunately lugubriously normal in Eastern Asia especially here in Shanghai. I stand before you not as an expert, but as woman who is aware of the drastic impacts climate had and will have in the future. As a very close friend and courageous, ambitious and amiable president pointed out back in the year 2011 “Climate change is no longer a far-off problem; it is happening here, it is happening now”. You all know who I am talking about. The last pre Trump era president, Barack Obama. Since then our understanding of climate change has advanced. Both in scientific knowledge and unfortunately in our everyday life. Still I would like to ask your honorable Secretary General and highly respected leaders, what major improvements did we do for our environment and what policies have we implemented since then? The answer to that simple question is even simpler to respond. None. We did not do a single thing. In fact, we made it even worse. Because of our lack of action, we got a receipt of hundreds of million people killed. 20 percent of Natural life over the past decade got destroyed. As the German chancellor, it is my duty to assist and serve my country and the rest of the world as the best I can possibly do, but this is only possible if other countries contribute in helping to improve the way we currently live.I strongly believe that we, the Federal Republic of Germany, are the leading and one of the guiding rescuers for future generations in the upcoming years. The atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide has increased by more than 100% in only a year, trapping heat at an exponential growth in the atmosphere. The aftermath of this problem is that climate brings a range of risks to health, from deaths related to severe high temperatures to changing patterns of extremely contagious diseases. However, carbon dioxide health issues are not the sole problem. Arctic ice melting and as an outcome, rising global sea levels increase the risk of coastal flooding, and will cause population displacement . More than half of the world’s population now lives within 60 kilometres of shorelines. All of these people are doomed.  The citizens of New York, London, Amsterdam, Miami and other major cities will perish. Crop Failure, displacement, social unrest, Homelessness, Marine ecosystem shift, Sea level rise, Malnutrition, Infectious disease spread and a lot more is already happening. During the time we are now speaking, the sea level rose by a staggering 0.05 mm. Before I finish my next sentence, over 50 square kilometers of ice in the poles will have melted. No country on this earth is immune to climate change. No country will experience further welfare growth in the future if we do not act soon. No country will ever be able to fight back once it is too late and natural catastrophes as we have never seen before strike. In this moment the climate IS changing, but as it seems only the minority of us understands and accepts this horrendous truth.We all know what happened 15 days ago: The strongest ever recorded hurricane stroke into the Island of Java and destroyed the biggest city of central Java, Semarang. It killed over 1.1 million people and destroyed houses of  9 million citizens. 25 percent of the jungle got completely wiped out and with it a majority and variety of wildlife. Climate change is a disaster in slow motion. “We are the first generation to feel the impacts of climate change and the last generation that can do something about it”.  As once again the 44th president of the United States told us. Over the last two years entire countries have disappeared, Maldives, you might remember the conference they held 10 years ago under water to warn us from global warming. Due to the rising sea levels, this nation has been erased from earth completely two years ago. The 475000 citizens that lived on these islands are now climate change refugees scattered all over the world. This is why I truly hope that the last two countries which simultaneously have the highest Co2 emissions on earth, the US and China, will finally sign the treaty of Beijing. This would insure a fair and reduced Co2 emission rate over the next couple of years and will slow down the rate in which our planet is changing negatively. We will not have a society in the future if we continue destroying our environment. We have to protect our climate system in the interest of present and future humankind, in accordance with our common responsibilities and capabilities. I strongly believe that the leading states should take the conduct, and guide developing nation in fighting climate change in close cooperation. We can make history together or we will be vilified by it. We can see that the upcoming years in front of us are not marked by conflicts but by close corporations. That is why I beg you to face Climate Change with courtesy and honesty.