It as the sports secretary the same year.

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Romit Talwar for admission to the DDS program. In my years with working with him, he has demonstrated the qualities necessary for high success in demanding academic atmosphere of a high caliber university as well as the social skills needed to be successful in college.


Academically, he is an outstanding student, graduating top of class, he consistently exhibits dedication and vigor in all that he approaches. He was the president of the student body and also served as the sports secretary the same year. He is a vital member of all that he is a part of. He has been more than ready for all that a major university had to offer for quite some time.

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Perhaps one of Romit’s most outstanding characteristics is his independence of thought and his willingness to express those thoughts. In other situations where students would never speak their mind, he showed no hesitation to voice questions, thoughts and ideas. He was always an active participant in class discussions, his animated character and controversial positions often being the spark that set off the entire class to an impassioned and heated period of arguing, often with him at the focal point of one side or another.


His other qualities are of equal magnitude, his leadership skills came to forefront when he hosted the 2014 India Dental Association meet, here in Amravati, ensuring that everything was organized in a timely manner and to extremely high standards. He also has the ability to take the quiet and shy student and actively engage them. I went out of my way to partner him with other students who needed this kind of attention and encouragement.


Another quality that sets him apart from other student leaders is his strength of conviction. He will argue on any topic that has touched his nerve. He breathes with raw, unbridled passion. It is a rare gift in a person of any age, It is breathtaking. He is honest, never stooping to cheat, he is entertaining, relying on wit, knowledge and intelligence to persuade. Friends rely on him, he is attentive to their true needs. Teachers enjoy him in their class.


I recommend Romit completely, with no hesitation. He will make his mark and be known.