IT customers to take their next step

IT teams are modernizing existing infrastructure by building private clouds and extending or migrating to public clouds. However, IT teams faced challenges in accelerating cloud deployments while maintaining operational consistency and maximizing existing resource investments delivered on the leading public cloud. VMware on AWS answers these challenges by unifying VMware’s enterprise-grade technologies and providing an easy to use VMware delivered, operated and supported service for customer scenarios ranging from new app development, testing, disaster recovery, geo expansion, burst capacity, and data center migration.   Customers can manage this service from an existing vCenter server Interface with the ability to elastically scale AWS resources while maintaining operational consistency with vSphere-based clouds including VMware cloud foundations. In addition, VMware manages the infrastructure upgrades and patches. This service is built on VMware software-defined architecture and is compatible with existing VMware and third-party tools via common API and CLI. By utilizing the same platform customers can leverage total workload portability between the data center and AWS cloud. Further, virtual machines also have seamless local access to AWS services. VMware on AWS enables customers to take their next step in digital transformation journeys. This creates a service-oriented IT model that scales to meet any business demand while reducing the time spent on infrastructure and freeing IT to concentrate on innovation.   When considering cloud enterprises, they must travel through four stages of virtualization maturity to reach the private cloud concepts, and then after if any organization need plan to move to the public cloud they should take care some precaution otherwise it will end in a wrong direction. Private Cloud model offers more control and security over the public cloud, but in some aspects, more enterprises moved to the public cloud from the private cloud for achieving their needs and other reasons like cost and elasticity. We are using VMware and AWS infrastructure and automation tools to demonstrate the migration process