It possibility that for example, a male with

It is practically
impossible to state that an industry’s success is solely build by the hands of
men. By taking a look at thriving companies in the modern world, one can see these
businesses involve contributions from women. Psychologically speaking from Michael
Price’s article, “Study finds some significant differences in brains of men and
women”, men generally have higher brain volumes in the amygdala, possibly
explaining that they are more of independent thinkers, and they carry out
decisions with the absence of emotion. On the other hand, the communication center
of a woman’s brain is larger than that of a man, representing how women take
time to process the material and are able to read body language of people
better than men. The abilities of women are not to be underestimated because in
the scenario of a workplace, the functioning of the companies is due to presence
of customers and women are well capable of facilitating that necessary
interaction. Technological industries are the definition of the future. As a
realm with the purpose of nurturing creative innovators who are venturing to
make fruitful changes in societies, it is ironic to say the tech domain itself
is generating the most controversial setback: gender discrimination.

Although many women
have invested the same time and money into education as their male
counterparts, they often do not have the same earnings. Unequal pay or lack of
promotion might seem trivial for the executives. However, for most women, that
little extra wage or title creates a big difference in their lives because it
enables them to provide basic support for their families or pay for their needs
such as in schooling. If there were lower wages for wives in families, husbands
in turn would have to spend more time in their work to make up for their
partners’ incomes. Some might argue that companies are already adopting the
policy of equal pay. This is debatable because there is a high possibility that
for example, a male with a lower management level gains the same salary of a female
with a higher degree position. There is also an assertion made in an article
from The Guardian where unequal pay
is proper because most women may not have enough qualifications than men for
the same job title and from the employers’ perspectives, they assume that women
on maternal leave would not be as dedicated in their work. Since productivity
is affected, the managers provide married women with less intensive jobs,
resulting in less income for those women. Firstly, if a woman attends
universities, acquires degrees, and are equally experts with men, then they
should be paid equally for work with equal value. Secondly, it is a biological
fact that females are able to give birth. Employers should understand that
reason and therefore, should be willing to compromise flexible job times as an
alternate such as working from home.  

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