It writing and English literature, I have observed

It gives me immense pleasure to
recommend Ms. Hamna Aleem, for admission to graduate study program at your prestigious
university. In my teaching experience of __ years, I have come across number of
students with diverse educational achievements and backgrounds with a wide
spectrum of aptitudes, skills and personality traits, but she has proven to be
an extraordinary student and an exceptional individual. I have known her in my
capacity as a Professor and taught her multiple subjects in these four years of
bachelor’s degree but she has never failed to impress me by showing herself as
a disciplined, steadfast and diligent student with the comprehensive knowledge in
different areas of subjects.

As a student of NUST  School of Social sciences and Humanities,
Hamna Aleem has always challenged herself academically. She attended all the classes regularly and has been an active
participant during all study sessions followed by remarkable comprehension
skills. Being a specialized English literature and Linguistic Professor, I must
highlight her outstanding written and verbal skills that are an honor for any
institution or peer to encounter. Through teaching Hamna the courses like, Technical
writing and English literature, I have observed her profound inclination
towards practical learning techniques along with positive attitude towards studies.
She has showcased many of her talents throughout the teaching period and didn’t
just earn good grades but praises from her class fellows and me.

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Starting off
with her communication and presentation skills, her ability to develop and
deliver a clear cogent presentation always helped her stand out from the rest
of the class. I still remember her final project presentation on the topic
“letters”, where she demonstrated  her
outstanding skills, with  clear
understanding of the topic , held an interactive session with the audience and
answered all question authoritatively which distinguished her project as the
best amongst her class fellows.

Her confidence
and exemplary skill were demonstrated when, her group was called upon to give
their final year dissertation defense in front of the entire faculty and students
of the school, she did not just speak clearly and eloquently about their
methodology, findings and questions but also responded to questions in a
thoughtful manner. She not only knows how to work individually but also works
at her best spirit as a part of a team. She has a pleasant personality and
appears to get along with people easily.

In addition to possessing
compelling communication skill, her command over writing consistently shows her
talent and sensitivity. Hamna has completed numerous high scored written assignments
and has also served as a lifestyle news reporter for “Pakistan Ink”, an
initiative by Mass Communication students at National University of Science and
Technology (NUST).

In addition to
her coursework, I would further want to highlight her quality of being
extremely considerate and helpful to others. 
She is one kind of a student who helps and supports acquaintances and
other students in and outside from the classroom.  From past three years, Hamna has been
voluntarily tutoring first year students from different educational backgrounds
who are struggling with English language taught at university level. This
volunteer work not only exhibits her capability to manage and plan her schedule
around multiple activities without having them affect  her university’s academic demands, in fact it
also developed and honed  her leadership
skills which I am sure will be valuable to all of Hamna’s future endeavor.

Therefore, I
recommend Ms Hamna Aleem for the admission in her desired course at your
university, without any reservation. I strongly believe that she will continue
to serve the program and your institution exceptionally well with her tireless
enthusiasm and motivation.

If you have any further questions regarding this recommendation, please
do not hesitate to contact me.