Issues were reported against the sexual minority

Issues and Laws Present in USA and India:

in USA:

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was in the book “Society and the Healthy Homosexual” that the term “Homophobia”
was introduced for the first time by Psychologist George Weinberg in the year
1972. Ever since that year the term “homophobia” spread. In this book the
author advocated that it is not homosexuality which should be treated as a danger
but it rather should be the outgrowing resentment towards the homosexuals that
can prove to be a risk for the society. Thereafter in the year 1973, the Board
of Directors of the American Psychiatric Association asserted that
homosexuality should not be allied with mental illness.1

faced by LGBT community in USA majorly include health disparity, poverty, employment
discriminations, bullying faced in school and other educational institutions
and violence. According to a report made by the FBI in the year 2013, 21% of
the hate crimes were reported against the sexual minority groups. Although 22
states in USA declared that job discrimination based on sexual orientation is
illegal yet it prevails and such people lack the necessary Federal protection. Discrimination
also subsists in the field of insurance as it has been observed that transgender
are often denied insurance coverage under the policies present.

position in USA:

the year 2015 through the case of Oberegefell V. Hodges, the US Supreme Court
in the year 2015 announced same-sex marriage as legal across United States. This
was recognized as one of the milestones in the premise of civil right cases of
USA that came up with the ground-breaking judgment of legalizing same sex
marriage and endowed the LGBT community with the basic right of right to form
family. Also consequence of this judgment was that couples of same-sex marriage
were now allowed to adopt child but the polies regarding the adoption varies
from state to state  as many state still  doesn’t permit this right to unmarried couples
and has put a ban on it in contrast to states which has granted this right to
all couples.