The highly developed, prosperous states. There are

The main way to get rid of an unexpected pregnancy is its extraneous interruption. In most realms, women are free to choose two types abortion. In some states, abortions are free and affordable.

In many states, the extraneous expiration of childbearing is prohibited in one way or another. Amid them, there are both the realms of the “third world” and the highly developed, prosperous states. There are three main classifications according to the degree of the prohibition of the phenomenon under consideration.

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There are realms in which abortions are prohibited for any bridle, and their implementation is a criminal offense. They include realms ruled by Muslim religion and law. The second category consists of realms where it can be done for medical bridle, in the presence of serious fetal diseases, in the case of rape of a woman. The third group includes realms that take into account such socio-economic grounds as the lack of funds to support the child or the death of a husband. Along with these, there are realms where abortion was legalized, and the extraneous expiration of pregnancy in addition to medical and economic bridle is carried out at the request of a woman.

However, the global experience proves the following. Legalization abortion or a complete ban on forced expiration of childbearing does not affect the prevalence of this manipulation. Prohibition leads to the absence of official statistics, which does not allow assessing the extent of the problem. The statistics of this procedure by realm names the lowest rates where freedom in this sphere is not limited, for example, in Iceland. However, the aging of the populace in most Western European realms does not allow them to take the leadership in the populace growth rating.

Over the past years, the rating of abortions is led by China. China is considered the leader of this sad statistics. High indicators are due to loyal state policy, economic crisis, and social problems within society. Moreover, the realization of this operation has turned into a successful business industry, bringing a huge income. Most women, who go to an abortion, choose the comfortable conditions of private clinics. The state is not interested in the loss of taxpayers in the face of paid medical institutions.

Switzerland and Germany are characterized by the low indicators on this situation. These realms are distinguished by democratic legislation, but even here there is no provision to terminate her pregnancy only because a woman may choose. Medical indications are taken into account, as well as incest, rape, a threat from outside persons. Women in Germany pay for abortions on their own.

Of course, statistics should always be taken into account, but there is also the ethical side of the issue. Pro-choice and pro life supporters adhere to diametrically opposite points of view, and each side has strong arguments and to some extent a correct position. The initial group speaks of the right of choice as an ineradicable opportunity. The second ones claim about life over death and the right of the fetus to live under any circumstances. As for me, I believe abortion should be legalized and available even though I sympathize with all unborn children who were conceived by chance, or who already have signs of congenital genetic diseases in the womb. But even more, I sympathize with children who are not needed and not loved by their parents. I do not believe that such children can be happy. All their lives they will ask themselves why their mother left them.

This problem worries the society and requires a phased and correct solution. On the one hand, it is necessary to take into account the rights of women, and on the other, to fight for the birth rate and health of the nation. In realms where abortion is prohibited, there is an increase in criminal abortions, causing irreparable harm to women’s reproductive health, as well as the number of infanticide and abandoned children. Conversely, in well-off states with high incomes and the prosperity life of the populace, women are not in a hurry to do it even if it is free and accessible to them. A high level of education, culture and traditional upbringing allows a woman to wisely prepare for childbearing, bearing and childbirth. Therefore, I think we should deal with the problem of abortion without prohibiting or legalizing them since in essence neither one nor the other give one hundred percent effectiveness, but by changing the opinion of women about this operation. Many people treat abortion too lightly, forgetting that this decision can be fatal, and lead to various consequences, starting from post traumatic stress and ending with the absolute impossibility of having children. Abortions should be prevented. This can be achieved only if every woman, although a man too, will seriously ponder about this problem, and take appropriate measures even before the issue of expiration of pregnancy becomes relevant.