Intro:So 12.59 million in 2001. Now, almost

Intro:So to get things started I would like to give a quick show of hands survey! Who here has bought any kind of electronic items within the last year? What about any gold products such as jewelry and that stuff? How bout a cup of tea? And finally anyone eaten rice in the last year? Seems like the vast majority of you raised your hand to my little survey. Which means we are all on the same page with what I am about to tell you all.Middle:Okay so, India is home to the largest amount of child labourers in the world which was about 12.59 million in 2001. Now, almost 400,000 children who are mostly girls within the age category of 7 to 14 are found toiling for at least 14 hours a day in cottonseed productions. Remember that survey I gave you earlier, every item I mentioned has a strong connection to child labour. This problem is old and has been going on for time now, but what’s new about this old problem is the scale. The US department of Labour keeps track of items that have been produced by labor and there are 379 entries on this list and 23 of them are from India. Majority of these items are sold at local supermarkets, grocery stores, etc…And I know majority of you sitting here are wondering how this concerns you? And the reason is we’re the ones consuming these goods. Put yourself in their position, imagine your a child who has no education, living in the dirt, working for someone who doesn’t care about you. You are forced to wake up every morning before sunrise, walk barefoot in ripped clothes that you’ve been wearing for months, just to reach your destination of work, when you know your making no where near $1 an hour, but your still tirelessly working away because you know you’re the only source of income for your entire family. Your father, he’s dead. Your mother, she’s lost all hope for the future and you have 5 younger brothers and sisters you have to feed considering you are the eldest. This life is a reality to some of the kids in India. So for you to wake up the next morning in an air conditioned house, surrounded by people who would do anything for you, and your complaining that your parents didn’t buy you the Iphone X for christmas. Just remember that these Indian kids don’t get a fraction of the life that you get, but somehow they are still smiling as they come home and see their family members still alive. End:The decisions you make about what you buy and where you buy it from are crucial because they could have an impact on these indian families. So what can you do to put an end to this? Just pick one, one item that you use in your life that is made by child labour, it should be something that you use maybe a few times every so often which is something important to you. It doesn’t necessarily have to be from India, but do some research on it. Check out the US department of labour’s website and find out why your item is on that list. Learn about the children themselves. Look into how they got into these positions. Maybe even call the company and tell them you like their product but they must put an end to this, and let me tell you companies hate mad customers. Do some research and i’m telling you, you will be moved by the lives of these children and want to make a change yourself. This isn’t as easy as sitting at home and doing absolutely nothing, but there are children out there working countless hours making almost nothing. So just picking one product and getting smart about it is a lot easier, than what these children go through everyday.