INTRODUCTION just to watch them play,it was

INTRODUCTION  In this world where we are living entertainment has played a vital role.It is one of the ways happiness is spread to the soc iety,in other words we can tell that 85% of the knowledge that the society acquires is obtained from the entertainment.In the olden days entertainment was acquired in a very traditional way like using projector to view the audio entertainment.If we wanted to go to watch people perform we had to travel long distances just to watch them play,it was time consuming as travelling took a load of time.In this modern world we have technologies that make the lives of human beings a lot easier but we know that nothing can be perfect.By using these technologies their arises pollution and devastation of fossil fuels .It can be solved using various technologies and ways.But it also causes the e-waste problem.When we want to save the life cycle we cannot avoid entertainment as it is one of the things that has humankind in sync with each other.So there is an alternative in which instead of experiencing entertainment physically in that place we can enjoy them by experiencing them vitually via online in this vast online world created called as INTERNET.Here I am preparing a website where it will have all the sites where you can stream your favorite shows online freely without any cost.Instead of downloading or going to places to see them of feel them you can stream them just by accessing them through these links.I sensed that most of the society need these ways just to make their life much more easier in these modern busy life of ours.The name of the website id “MoviePort”.  Functionality My website is a social website where there are links to absolutely free of charge at HD qualities and you can send suggestions of new better online watching website just by becoming the member of the movieport family by signing up to our website without any cost.You can watch latest shows at these websites just by loging in after signing up first.My website contains a couple of modulesThey are as follows:1>>Sign Up moduleWith the Sign Up module, you can quickly and easily create a signup sheet for your brand that users can fill out on your View. You will then be able to download the user’s information in Content & Apps.For Example:When a user goes to the movieporttab that the module is on, they will see the following three things:1. Landing Page (optional) – You can upload an image to begin the signup experience. The user will click this image to get to the form.2. Form – This is where users will enter their information.3. Confirmation Page (optional) – You can upload an image confirming that the user’s info was successfully submitted.You can select to use any combo of these three items for your sign up, though the form section is mandatory.Note: This module has been configured to work best in the full width module position.Your signup is started by pre-populating the form with First Name, Last Name, and Email Address form fields, and the Agree to Terms option. Users will see these fields and enter information to sign up. You can delete any of these fields or add new ones from the Add Fields section on the left side of the screen. On the left side, you see 2 categories of fields, standard and custom. Standard fields have editable set values and custom fields allow you to set your own values.To add a field to your form: Just click on the field and it will appear in the layout area. After you’ve added a field, you can drag & drop the fields to rearrange them on the layout.To edit a field: After you’ve added a field, click on it in the layout area. The sidebar will switch to Edit Field and a pencil icon will appear on the right side of the field.You can edit the following ways:§ Field Labels – What you want the field to be called, or what you want a user to enter.§ Validation – You can have the field as required or set the pattern for the value that can be specified.§ User Instructions – You can enter instructions about the field for users. These will display underneath the text field.§ Additional CSS Classes – If you want to style the field to look a particular way, you can add CSS classes here.To delete a field: After you add a field, click on it and a small X and a pencil icon will appear on the right side of the field. Click the X and the field will delete.Once you have finished setting up or editing your Sign Up, click Save.This how the SIGN UP module works . 2>>Login ModuleThe Login FormHere we first create a login form with a to input space and one login button and forgot password which acts a backup if incase the user forgets his password.Therefore after creating the login formLogging inWe verify the username and the password we received and then look up those in the database. In order to identify a user as authorized, we are going to check the database for his combination of username/password, and if a correct combination was entered, we set a session variable.Please notice that we must compare the value for the password from the database with the MD5 encrypted value of the password entered by the user. If the query returns a result, we set an “authorized” session variable, and then redirect to the protected content. If there are no rows with the entered data, we just redirect the user to the login form again.  3>>About Us ModuleIt is a where we explain about the  purpose of the website.Give a bit of description about ourselves.We give description about the reason for creating the website.A couple of information about the softwares and other software we used to create this website4>>Contact ModuleIts is as same as told above that in here information about us.We just pass on contact phone numbers  as well as email id for reaching out to us incase there is issues with the website 5>>Tips &Suggestion ModuleIt is mainly gives the importance to the user as there is saying”Nothing is Perfect Except GOD”.We may have a bit of flaws that we did not notice .we are pretty welcome to suggestions and tips to how how to increase the productivity of the website. Merits1.No need of storage devices to store movies,songs,etc.2.Reducing the travelling cost and transport pollution.3.Streaming is absolutely free and legal4.Security Demerits1.As members increase saving the information will need more storage2.The website as it get famous and known to the society load on the server will cause the crashing of the server will become a major problem3.As for the startup company it is bareable but as it becomes big maintaining will need more expertise which needs to be funded