Introduction lasting bonds with one another; separating


“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head.  If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.” ? Nelson Mandela

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Language learning is now considered as an important element of communication, but as the world continues to become increasingly connected, learning different languages are consider a great necessity. Advancing technologies have afforded us the ability to communicate no matter where we are in the world, amplifying the importance of foreign language study.

The great thing about languages is that, other than being a form of communication, they also serve as a means of relating to others on a cultural level.

Language impacts the daily lives of members of any race, creed, and region of the world. Language helps express our feelings, desires, and wishes to the world around us. Words, gestures and tone are expressed in union to portray a broad meaning of emotion. The unique and diverse methods human beings can use to communicate through written and spoken language is a large part of what allows to harness our unique ability to form lasting bonds with one another; separating mankind from the rest of the animal kingdom.

The importance of communication is often overlooked. Despite our great prowess in communication, misunderstandings and mistranslations are commonplace. It is arrogant to believe that one can travel the world and expect all of mankind to understand his or her native tongue. In order to travel the world, whether for business or pleasure and desire to adapt to new cultures and methods is necessary. Adaptability, of course, includes the ability to communicate with new people in various dialects. Being unable to communicate in host country, it is obvious to learn language of host country in lieu of living and dealing with denizens. Moreover, this is also serious impairment and near to impossible, to adapt and get along with new people if there is no way to communicate with one another.

 Economic Development

Now the era of globalization. Today every nation needs to interact with many countries and communities regarding international business. Here, communicating with each other it is very important to know languages for host country. In competitive business market, international business market demands individuals who can communicate in culturally diverse environment and also have strong abilities in foreign languages. Many multinational companies are facing challenges when they attempting to their products abroad in lieu of language differences. For an example, an American Airline company wanted to make an advertisement for new leather seats in Mexican markets. They made a campaign “Fly in Leather” literally as “Vuela en cuero” in Mexican language but it was in Spanish “Fly Naked”. So, it was a great mistake in translating of language. It creates an embarrassing situation for the company.  In the corporate world, managers who know how to deal with a diverse workplace that is also an edge of efficient business deals. Additionally, workplace will be increase for having multi-cultural work environment. This approach will create a field of different business through the employees. For the business deal, the ability to interact in the same language with the clients build a strong rapport and after then resulting in longer-lasting business partnerships.  Expanding in international trades beyond borders, advanced language skills are valuable in the context of sales, marketing, finance, supply chain management, operations and many other positions that are supporting the sustain commercial operations. Most of the developing countries like Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Laos, Afghanistan, and Ethiopia are focusing language abilities. For this reason, most of the students of these developing countries are pursuing many languages to meet the demand of new business opportunities. Moreover, employees will able to cooperate with colleagues in other countries, crossing time zones, languages, and cultures. For instance, Hal Johnson a senior advisor and chairman of a human resource company. For his company he urges the students of business schools to learn Mandarin language. Language skills would leg up on their future career and competitive job market. According to Avind chary manager Atlas Real Estate Partners, the company could earn more capital from abroad and so that need more employee who can deal with foreign buyers and investors. To expand his company in Europe he needs Spanish language skill employees. After all anyone who will learn any language for business and communication it will be worthy for his advance future career and opportunities in business or service as well.

Business Opportunities

Many businesses are relying on communication service. For doing the business in different countries, it is essential to know the culture, community, language and trend of the host countries. In this fact many international corporations are dealing successful business. For instance, account manager of ING Ms. Serra Ataman a Turkish speaker, he works long time with Tukey`s clients. She visited Turkey and knew the trends and tradition of Turkey very well. Eventually, she is up to date with the Turkey businesses, what are the challenges, the way of working, how to deal with the clients. As she was native English speaker, so it was easy to business in foreign country. Language skill reduce the language barrier and ease the communication path. Business negotiation and meetings in every where regarding business deal communication is the best medium to convince the clients and buyers. For instance, in Bangladesh most of the garments industries, they are exporting readymade garments more than 150 countries. To connect with the buyers, they need language experts. They hire the language experts and communicators for dealing with the clients. Moreover, translators also get the profits from the foreign buyers for ensuring the guarantees in international agreement. They can build a good business relation and trust each other by communicate. Typically, strangers who don`t know local language, it is difficult to communicate and understand the etiquette and culture of a country. The bilingual experts can grab this opportunity and make a good relation with the foreign buyers to explain about the business prospect and cultures.  













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