Introduction retrieve the digital images again and

Introduction /

Patients with
multidisciplinary or require huge number of imaging study of radiological
images they should go to different department and  more than location
.Picture archiving and communication system allowing easy
connection between health care professional and departments , the patient
security may Exposed in public . PACS used for save patient time and security
also system prevent the errors 

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PACS, or
picture archiving and communication system, is a medical imaging technology
used for storing, retrieving, presenting and sharing images produced by various
medical hardware modalities, such as X-ray, CT scan, MRI and ultrasound
















contents :


must contain Devices for obtain digital images for
patients in radiological department the devices like CT scan , MRI , X-ray ,
ultrasound . the devices are the origin or gate to initiate the system .


 Network link :

The process
of exchange of images between different parts of the PACS is a huge amount of
information and data that cause pressure and overload on the network , which
leads to  lower the speed of information
transfer . also immediate access to these images from any workstation is one of
the most prominent features of the PACS. Also network should be highly
protected from third side (hacker) to achieve the security for patient
information and data. for that  it
requires a special network to provide the security and cover the over load .

archiving modalities:

archiving include all images are collected and storing automatically ,with
ability to restore the images immediately or by other criteria(by patient’s
name , date or treated physician ) .     

archiving  also for retrieve the digital images again
and prevent retake of the images and follow up the progression . archiving  is useful for saving time of wating and
revisit radiological department again and again for the same problem .



,advantages and disadvantages :




Hospitals since their use picture communication archiving
system there are improving in radiological  department by using different way in
transfer ,save and retrieval of images , it also Prevents the loss of the images
linking images with a complete system protected against hacker and can be
restored at any time.



PACS can prevent mismatch of patient X-ray films with other one by
connect patient images in radiological department with his name or id. the
images can be share it through multi department in health care . the digital
images taken by different modalities can be compared easily . PACS can
provide  better visualization with more
option  ( zoom , measures , marking .etc
). The images with high quality and easy to access by any time .





disadvantages  :

the financial cost for m equipment are highly cost so there are
difficulties to obtain it . technician should be available for fix any errors in the
system . week system can provide patient security information to the other  also changing in work flow can affect at the
beginning of  apply the system . 





and medical institutions have become closer and more cooperative for that (
PACS ) system is moving towards further advances in radiological department
.  now smart phone can be carried by most
of health professional Therefore, doctors do not have to travel to the
patient’s hospital the radiological investigation can be shared globally. nor
vice versa, because the doctor can receive pictures and reports to his patients
directly through his mobile phone from the hospital where they are undergoing

This progress
can support the idea of electronic health record  ?, which is currently being discussed in a
number of countries around the world.

Summary and Conclusion

( PACS ) is effective system in
health care departments it will make the communication easier than before . (
PACS ) have the ability to maintain and improve high diagnostic ability .

in my opinion , the radiological
department is important in the health care by develop the traditional way
by  ( PACS ) will help and increase
efficacy  of this department . The new
developments in smart phones can help apply the ( PACS )  more effectively and with greater quality .