Introduction King of Thieves is an online, multiplayer,


King of Thieves is an online, multiplayer, strategy based
game developed by Zeptolab UK Limited, of the “Cut the Rope” fame. Its
available on Windows, iOS and Android.

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Online, platformer, strategy, multiplayer.


Target Audience



Available Platforms

iOS, Android and Windows


PEGI Rating

System Requirements of King of Thieves

Game Reviews

Lord of Thieves is certainly a decent online multiplayer
yet requires the player to build up their abilities exponentially with
increment in their levels.

1.      Dungeon
building strategy

2.      Challenging
physics platformer

3.      Multiplayer

4.      Smart
defence puzzles

5.      Guilds
and cooperation

6.      Crafting
of magic artefacts

7.      Compete
and steal unique stones


Elements of the game


Back story

The game does not feature any specific storyline but the
it starts with the player’s character breaking a prison. Then a NPC, Feggi, tells
the player that an evil King has taken over their throne. This implies that the
player once was the King of Thieves and must win certain number of leagues to get
back the throne. Feggi then provides a dungeon to guard where the player must
lay out 3 traps to prevent others from raiding it. The single player aspect of
the game focuses on 96 unique dungeons to raid in 6 different locations each
with 16 dungeons.



The player is a black coloured being with wide eyes
though costumes can be used to change their appearance. The player is always
moving unless facing against a wall. Tapping on the screen lets the player to
jump. The player must reach the chest from the door in a dungeon to pass it. The
player, in


Figure 3: Simple
Black- the default costume

order to claim back the throne, the player 0must win
leagues and proceed to the King of Kings league to claim back the throne. The
leagues are as follows:

1.      Wooden

2.      Stone

3.      Bronze

4.      Silver

5.      Gold

6.      Emerald

7.      Ruby

8.      Sapphire

9.      Onyx

10.   Diamond

11.   Orbeuseus

12.   Invinsius

13.   Totemius

14.   King
of Kings


Gameplay Mechanics

Simple tapping is used to manoeuvre the character in a
dungeon. Each dungeon has 3 traps. The player must place them such that others
would not get to their totem/chest where the player stores their gems and gold.
There are many traps in the game

1.      Blades

2.      Red

3.      Cannon

4.      Seeker

5.      Homing

6.      Spinner

7.      Ricochet

8.      Lil’

Other traps that affect the environment of a dungeon are

1.      Wooden

2.      Trampoline

3.      Gravity

4.      Roaster

A thief is known for the rating of the gems they have. Thus,
they must steal others’ gems or conduct enhancement rituals to increase their
rating and proceed through the leagues.


Level Details

Upgrading the number of keyholes, number of lockpicks,
amount of gold in the gold mine, gold produced per hour etc. can effectively
help at keeping others at bay as well as help the player in raiding others’
dungeons. The different locations in King of Thieves are:



Figure 4:
Brown coloured dungeon

2.      Green


Figure 5:
Green coloured dungeon



Figure 6:
Blue coloured dungeon



Figure 7:
Magenta coloured dungeon

Icy Blue


Figure 8:
Icy blue coloured dungeon



Figure 9:
Olive coloured dungeon



Game Assets

Potions can be used as an extra help for passing a dungeon.
A player can use only 3 potions per dungeon.


Figure 10:
All the potions

The other assets are the traps that are used to safeguard
the dungeons.


Figure 11:
All the traps at their highest levels

Art Style

The art style of King of Thieves is cartoonish mostly.
Each location has a feel and affect on the player of its own. Similarly, the
traps upon upgradation becomes increasingly intimidating. Costumes may vary
from childish to really appealing ones to professional to cliché outfits.


When a gem is stolen, the player can’t help but feel
proud and excited. A similar feeling occurs when a person fails while raiding
your base. Anger and hatred comes over the player when their gem or gold is
lost to other players.


Fun Factor

The most attractive part of the game is undoubtedly the upgrades
of the properties of the dungeon and the traps. Also, the various placements of
the traps and trying the new possibilities of the defences possible in each
dungeon is also considered very exciting.


Gamely Experience

Outrage and contempt comes over the player when their
pearl or gold is lost to different players. At the point when a gem is stolen,
the player can’t resist the urge to feel pleased and energized. A comparable
inclination happens when a man falls flat while attacking your base. Additionally,
the different arrangements of the traps and attempting the new potential
outcomes of the traps conceivable in every cell is likewise viewed as extremely
energizing. The most alluring piece of the game is without a doubt the updates
of the properties of the cell and the traps.


Complete Review

King of Thieves is definitely a good online multiplayer
but requires the player to develop their skills almost exponentially with
increase in their levels.

1.      Great
and innovative set of game mechanics

2.      Cartoonish
art style

3.      Fluidic
graphics and display

4.      Informative

5.      Skill
building gameplay

6.      Both
single and multiplayer


User Reviews


iOS reviews:


Android reviews:



Windows review:


Market Value

The game has crossed the 1 millionth mark and has reached
1,073,631 downloads.15


Platform Specific Details

Android- The famous and popular platform from Google. A
variety of games are available in this platform across all genres ranging from
adventure to puzzle, from word to education etc.

iOS- The commoner of the west, iOS is from Apple. It has
a market almost similar to that of Android sharing almost all the games. Though
they do have some exclusive games.

Windows (PC)- PC is the platform that has reaches to the
games both in the smartphone range as well as the console range. Its one of the
only versatile platform available in the industry.



Since it is an online multiplayer game, changes across
platform will be biased and unfair. Thus, iOS and Android have the same
gameplay to offer. The gameplay is still the same compared to the PC version.
The only difference is that instead of tapping on the screen in smartphones,
player uses mouse clicking in PC. This is better if one wants to exercise some
agility skills in-game. Precision jumps and dodges is done better in PC due to
the clicking gameplay.


Recorded Evidence of
Gameplay in all platforms
















King of Thieves is one of the best online multiplayer
strategy games out there. The PC has abetter and more precision-driven gameplay
to offer; this provides a better gameplay in general. Children, adolescents and
adults will surely like the game if strategy is their type of entertainment.