Introduction LASIK every year. Although it provides


LASIK Eye Surgery (LASIK for the rest of
the essay) is short for Laser-Assisted-In-Situ-Keratomileusis Eye Surgery. Nowadays,
as the rapid development and the strong advocating of the LASIK, there are more
than 100 thousand people in China take the LASIK every year. Although it
provides a huge benefit to those people wearing glasses, some people still
think LASIK as the damage to our eyes. In my opinion, LASIK outweighs the
disadvantages. Next, I’m going to extend and prove my conclusion based on these
aspects: the duration and the procedure of the surgery, the subject range of
the surgery, the effects after the surgery and the applications of the surgery

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LASIK Eye Surgery, as known as the savior
of the short and long-sighted, is a surgery that uses the laser which combines
fluorine and argon that would not be able to see by human eyes. The laser
wouldn’t penetrate our eyes. It is used to gasify part of our cornea and
wouldn’t hurt other organs of our body. Next, I will prove my conclusion: LASIK
outweighs the disadvantages from 4 aspects.

Firstly, the LASIK wouldn’t cost a lot of
time. The surgery for each eye would take 10 to 15 minutes to perform. So, it
would take about 20-30 minutes for the whole surgery process, which means
people could take the surgery after work and then the next day, he can go back
to work again. We don’t need to ask for a leave to take the LASIK, which is
super convenient. More than that, for the LASIK, it will only cut about 20mm on
your cornea, however, for the traditional eye surgery (PRK), it will cut a
circle on your cornea, which will deliver a huge pain to the patient. Also, the
eye drop medication for the LASIK will be used for no more than 1 week, and
they are able to go back to their work within 3 days. However, for the PRK
Surgery, our lenses will be removed within 2-5 days after surgery. Then the
surface layer will begin to regenerate itself and the whole healing process
will take up to 3-4 months. So, the LASIK brings us the benefits no matter from
the duration, safety level, and its procedure.

Secondly, the LASIK has a large subject
range. People of their age more than 18, and their diopter states are
relatively stable in the last two years and has no contraindication disease of
LASIK after examination. Only the people satisfied these requirements can take
the LASIK Surgery. However, for PRK, it can only be taken by those people whose
myopia is within 600 degrees, and astigmatism is within 400 degrees (according
to FDA in 1995.10). So, there will be a large range of people that are able to
take the LASIK Eye Surgery, which would definitely let more people live without
glasses or contact lenses.

Thirdly, the LASIK has better effects
after the surgery. According to Jie Luo’s report, he found that in the 10
random patients who take the surgery, all of them had their eyesight returned
back to normal after 90 days without any disease related to eyes. Also, many
LASIK patients experience only 5-6 hours of discomfort as the surface layer
heals. But, PRK patients usually take pain relief medication for about 1-2 days
postoperatively. This is due to the fact that most of the pain fibers in the
cornea are located in the surface portion and with PRK these are affected
during surgery and the healing process.

Fourthly, the LASIK has a great influence
to our people nowadays. As a result, in 2015, there were approximately 596,000
people taken the LASIK Eye Surgery in United States. However, in 1996, there
were only 150,000 people taken that surgery in US. It shows a stable developing
pace of the LASIK’s popularity and its credibility to us. The traditional eye
surgery was invented in an earlier time, so there weren’t many people taking
this kind of surgery as their savior of the eyes. The PRK Surgery worked, but
it didn’t deserve its credibility at that time. On the contrast, the LASIK
Surgery showed us its maturity and its stability. That’s why we mainly choose
LASIK instead of the traditional Eye Surgery.

The LASIK Eye Surgery brings the clear vision
to those people with ametropia. It was one of the saviors to those with
near-sighted and far-sighted. However, everything has a side effect, the LASIK
still will bring us some defects after the surgery.

Firstly, the LASIK may cause the decline
of night vision ability. According to Yajuan Zhang’s report, “3 months after
the LASIK Surgery, there were 20 out of 128 people (15.6%) feeling difficult to
see clear when driving or riding at the night, 34 people out of 128 people (26.6%)’s
night vision ability declined.” So, that means these people working at night
will not be able see clearly as it was in the morning.

Secondly, the LASIK may cause the
discomfort to their eyes due to the dryness. According to Yajuan Zhang’s
report, “there were 42 people out of 128 people (32.8%) felt discomfort and
dryness to their eyes.” Also, they will feel very tired to their eyes, because
of the dryness and discomfort. nSo, we can easily find that, these problems
after the LASIK will bring us the inconvenience, but we have to say that these
inconveniences didn’t influence our daily life too much.

In brief, the LASIK Eye Surgery was
convenient with a large subject range, the excellent effects after the surgery
and the great influence to our people nowadays. Also, it will cause the decline
of the night vision ability, the discomfort, dryness and fatigue to our eyes.
All in all, from my view, the LASIK Eye Surgery outweighs the disadvantages,
which is one of the saviors of the long-and-short-sighted.

Moreover, the LASIK Eye Surgery isn’t the
only treatment method for those people with ametropia. Nowadays, we have got
SMILE Eye Surgery, which will take in less pain. It will only cut 3 mm on our
cornea, it will be safer, but more expensive. As the development of the time,
the way of treatment is also changing. We cannot define whether it’s the best,
because we’ll have better ones in the future.