Into is soaring.” (Krakauer pg. 37) This quote

  Into the Wild is an adventurous biography by Jon Krakauer, written about the travels of Chris McCandless.  Who is also known as Alex Supertramp, he changed his own name to not be found. Krakauer was a journalist/adventurer himself, that led him to the attraction in Chris’s story. Krakauer shared Chris’s story because of the value and meaning his story has. McCandless left his family, traveled all around the country, then went off the grid in Alaska. His relationship with his parents was detrimental to Chris, but the relationships he made along the way were very meaningful. Chris’s voyage had many trials and setbacks that eventually led to his death. Chris’s journey allowed him to have a meaningful life because he followed his own vision and not the expectations he was given; he had courage and had no fear of failure or the outcome.      McCandless went into his journey unprepared, he did not have enough food, not the right shore, or the right clothes. It was a good thing that he made friends with so many locals who helped him get the things he needed. The journey across the country was not easy but somehow he ended up having a great life and he found the meaning in his own life. A couple of days after visiting Los Angeles he stopped in Colorado to camp at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, he met a young German couple, Thomas and Karin, Thomas said “Over 25 pounds lost. But his spirit is soaring.” (Krakauer pg. 37) This quote shows that even though he suffered from malnutrition throughout his journey, his attitude and charisma was better than ever. Henry David Thoreau once said, “Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves.” Thoreau relates to McCandless because even til the last moment he had a huge smile on his face. He also took a picture toward the end of his journey and he had the biggest smile and his attitude was radiating, he had created a meaningful life for himself.     The people who were greatly affected by his death was everyone Alex met on the road. Ronald Frank was one of the men who cared deeply about Alex. Franz let Alex stay with him and gave him things he needed for his trip. He kept Franz company, they bonded quickly, and one of Franz’s passions was leatherwork, he even taught Alex his craft. Franz did not have any siblings or children, so he wanted his family to carry on with Alex, but he never got the chance. Ronald Franz said, ” So I asked Alex if I could adopt him, if he could be my grandson. ” (55) Franz had gotten attached to Alex, Franz actually took Alex’s advice to go travel and get out of his comfort zone. Franz’s life got better for the beginning of being with Alex and even after Alex had left. The connections he made made his life more happily because of all the friends like family he made throughout his journey. Many people did not agree with his decisions to leave but the only opinion that mattered was Alex’s. Another one of Alex’s mentors, Jack London, said, ” The proper function of man is to live, not to exist. I shall not waste my days in trying to prolong them. I shall use my time.” This is exactly what Alex wanted, and that is what he did. Alex needed to go on this voyage for himself, he wanted to find himself and the actual meaning of life. Eventually he found meaning of life. Alex will not look back on his life with remorse, he had more courage than most people ever have.     There were many things wrong with his journey. Starting with the fact that he abandoned his family and left them unannounced. Chris did not have a great relationship with his parents. Carine, Chris’s sister, said that shortly before he disappeared he said, “that their parents behavior was so irrational, so oppressive, disrespectful, and insulting, that I finally passed my breaking point.” (64) It is obvious that Chris needed to get away from him parents, and it was no surprise that he would disappear. One of the philosophers that Chris looked up to was, Leo Tolstoy, and he said ” All happy families resemble each other, each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” This was true in Chris’s situation because Chris’s family may look perfect on the outside but was hell on the inside. They had two wonderful children, who went to amazing schools and were well behaved. Then that also had parents who fought all the time, and created a hostile environment for their kids. Chris would not regret going into the wild, he may feel pain for the grief he cause, but undoubtedly he did not regret living his life how he needed to.      Chris found his meaning of life, no matter how he found it the only thing that should matter is that he found it and died happy. Alex Supertram was more bold and courageous to decide his own fate, than living in someone else’s fate. Chris Mccandless did what he was told even though he did not want to he did it anyway. Chris put others well being before his own, while Alex Supertramp put his well-being first. Chris was not happy when he was alive going through the motions, and Alex really learned what it was like to live and in the fullness nature had to offer. Chris’s life was meaningful and significant in his own way.