Internship my first week’s work and asked

Internship (CS-5020)


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Professor Dr. XIAODONG Yue,

Greetings of the day, Hope you
doing good. My self Anand Babu Saragadam
and my Identification No. (Student Id) is 700658267 currently I am working
with Softworld technologies LLC as a Curricular Practical Trainee
(CPT) registered office located at 700 Locus Street, STE 212, West Des
Moines, Iowa 50309.

First and foremost, I will be very thankful
for giving me this opportunity for explore myself in this Software field and
learn more in my Internship Program.

In the Earliest week of my training
I was introduced to my Team Members and Manager and they have explained me
about the roles and responsibilities which have to perform in the current Project

ü  How to collaborate
with Team and develop efficient, reliable and reusable Java code.

ü  Inspected closely to both
specification documents and developer details with clear picture of the project
and deadlines, to make sure timely completion of code writing.

ü  Guide from the Team
regarding automation, organization and code quality.

            Coming to the Second week of my internship,
I got a brief explanation of Spring Framework because; I’m going to work on this
technology in the coming week and also learnt about ORM (Object relational
mapping) Technology for shield the application from SQL injection attacks the
framework will be filtering the data. After getting familiar with these
Frameworks got a task from Manager to integrate the ORM technology and Spring
Framework to our current project.

            In the third week my team lead inspected my first week’s
work and asked me to join some modules with Spring and asked me to test the
result with the already existing test cases using Junit and asked me to collect
the differences during the integration. Further moving forward in the task I have
come across Dependency Injection (DI) in Spring framework. And, also I have got
to know that Dependency Injection in Spring can be done through constructors or

In this three weeks I have
come across new technologies and learnt many things like the primary responsibilities
and project handling skills of the Software Developer, And also become familiar
with mapping the objects with database and Dependency Injection In Spring

I am in a hope to learn
more things in the next week in my project and I can update in the next Report.

Thank You,

Anand Babu