Internet successful social media campaign is to

marketing also referred to as online marketing is the process of
advertising products and services as well as promoting brands over
the internet. With internet marketing, a company gets to meet its
potential customers and create relationships to try to win them over.
The company-customer relationships determine how successful the
company is in its marketing efforts.

Marketing Strategies.

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are several online marketing strategies that can be applied depending
on marketing goals and nature of a company. The following are some of
the common marketing strategies.

Engine Optimization(SEO).

involves optimization of websites to improve their ranking on the
SERPs. With SEO, company websites get more visitors when they search
the products that the companies provide. Hence more customers.


is a method where companies reach their customers via email. It is
where customers subscribe for email messages that keep reminding them
on the deals that come up in a company.

Engine Marketing.

this strategy, website owners buy ads on search engine to help them
attract quality traffic. This way, they get many potential customers
to visit their sites. Some of the common ads bought include; Bing Ads
and Google AdWords.

Media Marketing.

is the use of social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube
to reach prospective customers. Most businesses are using social
media to reach many customers and hence build their brand. The secret
to a successful social media campaign is to have a great customer
service response team and patience. Social media can also be used to
promote business websites by using referrals.

Content Marketing.

Marketing involves writing engaging,quality and consistent content to
an audience. Through this content the audience can be turned into
customers. The secret of this strategy is to understand your audience
and writing what is relevant to them. This can be through maintaining
an online blog and ebooks.


people can promote products of others and as a result get paid for
it. This is mostly in terms of commission and is usually done by

of Internet Marketing.

establishing the best strategies and complementing them, a business
is bound to enjoy the benefits that come with. The following are some
of the benefits of using Internet Marketing as a marketing tool.


marketing is way inexpensive compared to offline marketing. With a
blog and some email subscriptions, one can have a successful
marketing campaign unlike in offline marketing where you may need to
rent a marketing space as well as hiring labor which is very

Reaches a lot of people.

using online-marketing, marketers get to reach a wider customer base.
This way, their products and services are known by many people. With
strategies like SEO, there is a good chance of global reach for small
business owners which would have been otherwise hard to achieve with
offline marketing.


marketing is one of the most convenient marketing strategies due to
its easy accessibility. Internet users can transact business from
anywhere in the world in the shortest time and without having to move
from one place to another. And so, the cost of transportation is done
away with. Sellers can also respond to their customers needs in the
shortest time possible.

for personalization.

internet marketing, there is easy collection of consumer information.
As customers buy products, their actions are captured by the
companies websites. The companies use this history to customize
marketing trends and personalize advertisements as well as
promotional services for their customers. With this customers can
easily get the products they are looking for.


marketing has the highest customer retention ability due to the
strong company-customer relationships that are built. With the
internet, companies can send follow up emails to thank customers and
ask about the quality of their services as well as products and can
easily satisfy disgruntled customers. Online-marketing also allows
for easy interactions that makes customers feel valued and therefore
create good relations.

these benefits, the success of businesses surely lies in internet
marketing. As such., a business that runs on offline marketing has
every reason to create an online presence. All a business has to do
is complementing the different types of internet marketing-strategies
and with no time the benefits will be forthcoming.