“Interdependent is the attainment of specific results required

people combine their own efforts with the efforts of others to achieve their
greatest success – Stephen Covey”. (Skip Prichard,
Leadership Insights, 2018)

For an organisation to perform its
functions effectively or to achieve its goals it is of utmost importance for
the employees to work at their maximum efficiency.  In an organisation the coordination and the
commitment of employees and managers prove to be the most important factor for
the success of many highly established firms. Many organisations adopt
different techniques to increase their effectivity. Teamwork is one of the most
widely practiced methods at present. Because the organisational goals cannot be
achieved by the employees working alone. So, teamwork is a process where
employees work together in a very cooperative manner which helps the employees
achieve a wide range of experience and skills. “Team work is a cooperative
process that allows ordinary people achieve extraordinary results” (Scarnati,
2001, p.1). Harris & Harris (1996) elucidat that if a team has a common purpose
or goal the team members can develop effective, mutual relationships to achieve
team goals. Effective performance can be defined as “it is the attainment of
specific results required by the job through specific actions while maintaining
consistent with policies, procedures, and conditions of the organization”
(Boyatzis and Boyatzis, 1982).

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Teamwork is an important element
defining the success of an organisation. Teams are groups of people with
similar capabilities and talents grouped together for the achievement of
objectives and goals of the organisation. “The literature consistently highlights
that one of the essential elements of a team is its focus toward a common goal
and a clear purpose” (Fisher, Hunter, & Macrosson, 1997; Harris &
Harris, 1996.; Parker, 1990,; Johnson & Johnson, 1995, 1999;). Each member
must perform well and contribute to the team in every possible manner for the
team to achieve its goal. The most important part of teamwork is collaboration
of the members with less conflicts concentrating on the attainment of the
targets in a most effective way. Taking goals and objectives into account, they
must be SMART; Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-Bound.
Through the setting of goals, there will exist a purpose of existence of the
organisation. Organisations with clear goals tend to be more successful than
the other organisations without goals. Companies like HP and Archer Daniels
Midland (ADM) adopt to teamwork as a pillar of success in their organisation.


In this context, defining Effective
Performance, it is the maximum utilisation of labour resources or making the
employees work towards their maximum potential to achieve the organisational
goals in the most effective and efficient way possible. This helps the
organisation work at its maximum efficiency, thus reaching success more


“Effective performance management
may only be achieved by fostering an organizational atmosphere in which bene?ts
accrue to each of three stakeholders; the customer, employee and the
organization itself” (McDonell and Ingram, 1996). An organisation cannot
recruit employees and expect them to work perfectly without blemishes. The
employees require training inorder to perform their roles more precisely thus
improving the standard of work. Correlating team work and effective performance
management in an organisation is very important taking into consideration the
growing adaptation of present businesses to inculcate these two components into
their daily activities. Caterpillar Inc. is one such company that perfectly
correlates teamwork and effective performance. (Our Values
in Action, Caterpillar’s worldwide Code of Conduct., 2010)


 “If proper teamwork is encouraged, the
enhanced coordination, morale and communication results in more productive and
happier employees” (Daniel et al., 2018). Teamworking brings many benefits in
terms of many factors affecting business. Firstly, the important aftermath of
teamwork is that it boosts productivity. It is the collective effort of the
employees that help the organisation reach its goals. The employees in an
organisation are different from each other with diverse talents, skills,
knowledge and experience. Through incorporating the employees into different
teams those skills can be captured to utilise them and generate new ideas and
concepts. This may be an element of competitive advantage to the organisation.
When employees are formed into groups the compatibility of members increase.
They create  friendships and bonding within
them. The members will be more aware of the other members situations and
provide support at their times of need. It offers motivation which is important
for the attainment of results. When employees work in a team, the members goal
will be to achieve the target that has been given on time. Therefore, the teams
will find new ways that increase their efficiency and speed while maintaining
quality of work.


Performance in an organisation is
significant because it ensures that the operations of the organisation is
carried out in its optimum level. When employees work it is essential to make
sure they are motivated and interested in working and should be checked whether
it is in practice. Lethargic, demotivated employees incur poor performance thus
bringing in wastage and costs to the organisation. Not only motivating
employees is sufficient. A regular evaluation on their performance is also


Communication and motivation are
the major attributes of effective performance along with other attributes. When
an effective communication channel is established it ensures the right flow of
information between the team members. When the right information is
communicated at the right time, the work will be done on time. Good
communication channels will also reduce the conflicts between the members thus
improving the understanding between the team members. Motivated team members
attend work, share ideas, engage more in the team thus increasing the
productivity. Group thinking is where the group members eliminate opposing
views on a decision to maintain the harmony within the team. Along with them
are “Commitment to team success and shared goals, Interdependence,
Interpersonal Skills, Open Communication and positive feedback, Appropriate
team composition and Commitment to team processes, leadership &
accountability” (Luca and Tarricone, 2002). These
attributes are important for a successful effective performance.   


Teamwork has been increasingly being popular in
today’s business world. Organisations are giving more importance to increasing
their productivity through teamworking. Therefore, organisations should show more
attention on improving the performance of teams because the output of a team is
relatively more productive and effective than the work of an individual. So,
teamwork is considered as one of the important elements in an organisation that
should be constantly improved. Therefore, teamwork and effective performance in
an organisation cannot be two different aspects. They are interdependent
elements in an organisation. Hence, when focusing on improving teamwork,
spontaneously the performance of the organisation also improves. For that
reason, Teamwork is an utmost important component in any business organisation