Inspire major reason why the managers that

is a pretty strong word but takeaways aren’t which is why I have had
takeaways from a lot of key managerial figures in the game. Guardiola
for his steadfast adherence to his ideology , Mourinho for his ruthless
pragmatism and for obvious reasons Ferguson and clough who literally
made you believe you can blow any door down if you want and all that you
need is desire. Football to me is a game of mind , belief and desire
and I always believe the work done by Fergie , Clough , Mourinho and
Shankly always trump over dossiers and dossiers of tactical rigidity and
nuances that some managers profess. This is a major reason why the
managers that have provided me with the most takeaways were Ferguson,
Clough and Mourinho because they achieved gestalt with their teams and
not to mention over a prolonged time frame. In the quest to know more
about the game and I did a lot of retrospective learning on a man whom I
have come to respect and see in the same pantheon as Sir Alex , William
Shankly OBE. The common thread between Shankly and Ferguson was
that both shared the same single-minded desire to win and imbibed their
personality on the team. It was simple the clubs they managed wouldn’t
be what they are had it not been for these 2 characters who crafted
every single stone of 2 of the premier leagues greatest empires.
According to me they were magicians because what they achieved cannot be
brought within the boundaries of tactics and ideology, quantified with
numbers or attributed to a freak phenomenon. They were as inexplicable
as a magic trick. Speaking of Magic trick every great magic trick as 3
parts : The Pledge: On 4th October Huddersfield spanked a sorry
second division side from Merseyside 5-0 and just over a year later the
club made a move that would change the landscape of English football. A
Shankly team never finished above 12th until then and Shankly had
managed in the lower echelons of English football for a decade. To use a
widely known conversation, Then Liverpool chairman Tom Williams asked
Shankly how would he like to manage the best football club in England
for which Shankly replied has busby left already? Soon Liverpool had an
ordinary manager who had performed ordinarily in one of the most
ordinary positions of the league The Turn : Shankly took an
ordinary Liverpool , connected with the fans instantly obtained
promotion within a year and won the first division within 2 years of
getting promoted. He managed to win another league title in the next 2
years a FA cup and an army of fans with whom he had forged a phenomenal
connection. The stage was set for a grand prestige as Liverpool were
ready to launch an onslaught on the might and most envied team of the
land, The Busby Babes The Prestige : Shankly has instilled a
winning mentality and his personality onto the club with the help of his
assistants Paisley and Fagan (who would go on to win 4 of liverpool’s
famous british record 5 european cups. Growing tired of the pressure of
being the face of Liverpool for 15 yrs Shankly stepped down and was
overlooking a young Ancelotti-esque paisley who has taken over as the
manager of Liverpool football Club. But the prestige here was performed
by the trick and the magician couldn’t survive it. Liverpool didn’t do
the same mistake as united did post busby. When Busby retired he moved
upstairs and constantly meddled with team affairs culminating in united
getting relegated in 1974. The ruthless trick that Shankly helped
created banished Shankly from his home thereby protecting it from
shankly’s problem of not being able to let go thereby building a dynasty
that English football hasn’t seen before. It was still a prestige that
had the audience in awe but the magician who orchestrated it couldn’t
see it through. A Ruthless manager about whom Kevin Keegan (the 2
time world player of the year) said Anfield “wouldn’t be what it is now
had it not been for Shankly”, who showed what it is to be a winner to a
sorry second division club that was languishing at the bottom amongst
its peers. Shankly was a person who loathed intoxicants but he was
addicted to football. His addiction to the game was a contributing
factor to his downfall. My Biggest regret is there aren’t characters
like Shankly now who are be all and end all of a club, elicit such
fierce loyalty amongst players (in 15 yrs as a manager of Liverpool
Shankly used a measly 69 players) and create footballing enterprises
like he did. When it comes to takeaways that I seek in such legendary
characters Shankly offers quite a few that can be applied in any