Information programming languages which have been used

Information technology has contributed much to the modern appearance of the world. This is because, many people from diverse areas can effectively communicate instantly with the use of advanced information technology. Information technology constitutes various areas such as computer hardware, information systems, programming languages and computer software.

Computer software differs from the hardware components of a computer because it cannot be touched. In a firm which deals with computer hardware there are more people on software programming than those in hardware design. Smaller hardware necessitates the introduction of more software applications that are required to help connect the components of the hardware.

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Software was initially linked to the hardware by the Original Equipment Manufacturers. This was to enable customers to buy the smallest computer in the market, and have the Original Equipment Manufacturers’ engineers install the required software.

Computer software is a set of computer programs that instructs the computer on what to do and how to do it. It uses various programming languages to come up with these instructions. These instructions are in a form of a code that automates some hardware activities. By using these codes, one is able to perform several operations and reach so many people within a short period of time. These codes are executed when a user inputs something into the computer, and the result is thereof obtained (Hally, 2005).

Computer software has gained wide application from the rapidly changing technology. It has many areas and sectors using it. For instance, in the business sector, it has contributed so much. It has increased business profitability by reducing costs through the use of software in processing data, invoicing and payroll.

Also it is profitable in that, it has improved distribution through online stores and thus creating new market opportunities. By the use of software spreadsheet, employees are able to concentrate on value added tasks rather than the routine tasks (Blais, 2011). Computer software has hence gained popularity in the business sector.

Computer software has also contributed to effective learning as various people who are not able to travel to certain regions can access lessons that are offered online. Also, students from diverse areas are able to communicate effectively with each other, thus sharing ideas and helping each other in project development.

This is achieved through configuration of computers in a certain geographical area so as to share resources like databases and programs. Trainers can also offer training programs online and hence reach so many trainees without necessarily moving to where they are. This has greatly reduced costs such transport and accommodation costs.

Business men are able to reach so many customers in diverse locations. They can advertise their products and also collect views from customers concerning their products. Some software enables business men to create a forum for the customers to freely express themselves as they can access the businessmen by a single execution of a command (Longley & Shain, 2012).

Information technology has truly contributed to the advancement of the computer software, which has so many applications in the current generation. It helps in promoting the globalization of the world to be virtually a small area that can be reached easily. Also various programming languages which have been used to automate multiple works have led to simplification of work that could have been difficult to do manually (Webster & Robins1986).


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