Scholarly depend mostly on the internet opt for

Scholarly article

This article is relevant to the topic of study as it is a field work carried out by two researchers; Tella and Ajiboye on how the students of the University of Botswana consider if online resources are reliable. The article also relates its findings with other similar studies to come up with the best findings. This is a relevant scholarly source as it analyses the behavior of students witnessed as they seek information and how they utilize this information in supporting their inquiry procedures and other academic activities.

This article posses a challenge to the academic libraries asking them to adequately address the needs of students in relation to the dynamic information resources. The libraries can achieve this by learning more about those information resources students value most and the factors affecting the student’s means of searching and using information.

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The article goes about this task by analyzing the behavior of students while seeking information as they engage in their normal scholarly activities by looking at the role of the internet, the academic staff and the library. The approach used in the article is a qualitative research that is semi-structured and was achieved through deeply interviewing the concerned parties. This qualitative research approach offers a better understanding of the subject and provides a deeper insight into the topic being studied.

The finding of this study proved the relevancy of this chosen scholarly article on Communication strategies. The findings show that such behaviors practiced by students while seeking information is greatly influenced by those around them who include the academic staff, library staff, fellow students and friends.

Students who depend mostly on the internet opt for online resources that are readily available in the library intranet and on the Internet. Other relied on print resources that they found in the library. The findings also indicate that the student’s behaviors while seeking information were influenced by time restrictions, how good they knew the sources and the services being offered and what the course expected them to do (Fidzan 330).

The article is of great significance to any institution as it brings out the true picture of the students situation while searching for information. The finding can guide academic institutions in seeking ways of addressing the inappropriate information seeking behaviors.

This makes this article so relevant. Through the article, it is evident that the behavior of students is organized but random when it comes to seeking information. The random behavior is normally witnessed in the initial stages when a student is picking on the area of concentration, coming up with the strategy to use while searching information and the general skimming of the ideas and information of the research.

Organized behavior comes in later when it gets to the stage of having sessions planed and choosing strategies that will be used for searching.

It is evident from the article that the student’s behavior as they seek information is interactive. As the students get more knowledge and become organized in their research field, their behaviors become even more refined. However, the searching behaviors vary from one student to another and from disciplines and programs (Fidzan 339).

The article serves the main taskof the topic of study. It gives aninsight onto the behavior of students as they look for information from different sources answering the question on how theyjudge online sources as to whether there are credible. By conducting the study on areal academic setup in a university environment, the results are trustworthy and reliable and can be applied in any academic institution. Hence this scholarly article is best suited to respond to the subject issue on ‘Communication Strategies’