Information Security Policies

Clean Disk Policy

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This policy provides the rules and regulations for the employees
to manage their office desk. Such things can leads to miss us of the
confidential or personal information present on the desk. 



All employees in the organization has to follow this clean disk policy
when they are at the desk or away from the desk it is part of our compliance
with federal regulation that protects costumer’s information; this can help in
preventing access to unauthorized persons to confidential data and reduce
significant risk.




machines should be locked when they are not in use. For example, when any
employee leaves their desk even for a while they should lock their computer.

should shut down completely at the end of the day.

close and lock doors and cabinets when employee leaves the desk.

or access cards for sensitive data must not be kept openly available.

or creating paper documents should be carefully supervised.

shred the unwanted documents rather than disposing them in waste paper bin.

if you print a document you should always pick them up immediately.

login credentials should not write on sticky notes and posted around the desk
making visible to everyone.

boards should be erased end of the shift if there is any sensitive information

there is any pending prints or scheduled prints they should be deleted once
done with printing.

kind of storage devises should be locked securely in the drawers.

dispose your trash carefully make sure there is no confidential data is
available in it.



Compliance Measurement

In our organization physical security
team ensure that all employees are following the policy by various methods like
regular walk thru, internal and external audits and report to the policy owner.



There is no exception for this policy all employees must follow
the rules.

If anyone violate this policy thy will be subjected to
disciplinary action. This will be decided by the management.