India’s crime, and water disputes remain in the

India’s security environment faces a wide variety of
traditional and transnational challenges. As a big nation with both land and
sea borders,the security sector must balance many threats contending for
attention and resources. According to indian policymakers , terrorism and
insurgency are the most significant among India’s security challenges. These
are mostly followed by organized crime and environmental problems.Since independence india has been faced with a tense security
environment. India’s poor relationship with pakistan have led to multiple wars
and intermittent skirmishes over the decade. The conflict over kashmirhas been
a central issue in the bilateral relationship. Pakistan asserts that muslim–dominated
kashmir’sexistence as an integral part of the country is necessary to keep the
country unified. Conversely, India argues that the muslim state of kashmiris a
testament to India’s multiethnic and secular concept of state. The dispute
between india and pakistan has more expanded beyond traditional war, providing
fuel for terrorist and insurgent activity.The situation of northeast border has been no more sanguine.
During indo-china war, india fought an unsuccessful war with china in 1962. With
china mistrust and an unsettled border disputes linger, although rapidly
growing economic ties are moving the relationship to a Better footing.

Overall, traditional and non-traditional security problems from pakistan
and china have created barriers against cooperative solutions to various transnational
threats endemic to the region. Terrorism is a big threat faced by both india
and pakistan, is exacerbated by existence of the kashmir dispute and poor bilateral ties. Through south asia,
organized crime operate more effectively than legitmate commerce, connecting
the countries through a strong trade in illicit drugs, people, weapons,and
money. The lack of regional cooperation , criminal network revel, which enables
their profit. Mixed with traditional tensions between regional actors and rapid
economic growth creates a struggle over scarce water resources. Certainly, there
is a lack of attention paid to transnational threats not connected to regional
traditional security challenges. Whereas reports of terrorism , crime, and
water disputes remain in the news because of their connection to tense
bilateral relationship , pollution and environmental degradation.

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