India Update and Innovations. The Immerging nature

India is a developing country and
development is in every Sector .In Modern Era of Information technology, this
sector is the fast growing in field of developing and  is 
Successfully providing the services to IT sector. Many of the MNC’s are
getting their  services and operations
done in India. IT sector in India is majorly divided into two Sub-parts one is Software
Industry and other is IT enabled services that also include the BPO sector. IT
industry in India is considered more toward deploying new knowledge area and
activities in Software Development and became the favorite place for MNC’s to
get  IT-enabled Services. origin of this sector
starts in year 1974 , when the manufacturer of Mainframe computers and other
Industries Start asking Indian Tata Consultant Services to Export Software
programmers for installing and maintaining the U.S System for clients.

In year 198  Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi changed the Policy
toward IT sector. The New Computer Policy was implemented that leads to reduce
in import traffic of Hardware as well as For Software’s up to 60%.

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But now Indian Metro cities like
Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad attract many of the MNC’s Like
Dell, Microsoft, Oracle, VMware, HP and they are working along with the Indian
based MNC’s(Infosys, Wipro, TCS etc) in these cities.

IT industry Starts its Contribution
from 1.2 % in 1998 and is continuously increasing in 2012 it is 7.5% of total
GDP and generates the revenue of US$160 billion in 2017  with the export revenue of 99Billion US$ and
domestic Revenue according to NASSCOM report.

IT Sector of palys an important role in development of country by
generating massive employment .thus this sector is  directly employing 2.8 million peoples and
indirectly 8.9 million peoples of India. However the sector is facing
competitiveness in globalised and Modern world from countries like China and
Philippines and Russia and Israel  .

Unexpected challenges and new Complex
nature of Industry Require Continuous Update and Innovations. The Immerging nature
leads to various opportunities.

Project management and development of
project including Developers and tester and designers  plays important role in this industry. Project
management is most popular and is Successful career for IT Employ.

What is Project Management?

Project Management is defined as a disciplined
way of Managing  the project .if the
Product is developed for Specific Requirement of the client then it is called
as Software product. Thus project management is all about the development of
the project according to the client requirement and satisfying all the need and
the purpose of the client.

In project management several phases
are there and these phases are important and dependent on each other. It starts
from the client interaction ,requirement  collecting  and analyzing these and the current market and
existing  system.

Project manager is responsible for
Planning, project tracking, Project scheduling ,Cost and time estimation ,and
controlling  and status reporting to the
client and the other senior managers and CEO of the company. Actually manager
is the leader of the team who are responsible for development of the software.

Project manager Gives the over all
report to the above senior Program manager and Program manager to CTO of the company,
this shows the Hierarch of the organization and way they effectively
communicates and works.

There is wide variety and Scope of
Project management .In India the demand of project managers are also good and
are paid well.

Why we need Project Manager?

Project taken by any company is important
for them to generate revenue from that. The project manager is the leader of
the development team to whom the project is assigned .Project manager is one
who is connected directly to the development team is responsible for managing
team leads to successfully delivery of the project taken by them.

 project manager is hired by the companies
because they want to maintain the hierarchy and run business successfully by
assigning the responsibilities to the authorized person that is the Project

The major responsibilities of the
project manager are:-

Project Initiation :-Here project
feasibility and the value of the project is Measured. this decides whether to
take the project or not. This is done by project manager on tools .

A document named Business case
document is prepared that shows the need justified of project and financial

Feasibility study is done before
initiation of a software project.

Planning of Project:-this phase is to
identify the boundries , Scope of the Project ,estimate the work and project
and Time, and create schedule ,Planning starts with the requirement collection
and define software and Develop it.

Executing:-in the plans prepared are
executed under the control and are managed by the manager .

Monitoring:-focus on continuous
status of work and project progress report is prepared and is done under the
project manager.

Closure:- the project team close the
project on its completion and all the requirements of the client is satisfied
and purpose of the project also achieved

Thus project management is important
and is essential for company to generate revenue. If the project is managed in
a proper and efficient manner and the resources of the company is utilized in
an efficient manner the it is successful .

If a company fails in management of
the project and could not deliver it on time then may suffer from a loss of
money reputation and this will degrade their revenue.